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Coffee Shop (5H Ageplay) by WaitWhat727
Coffee Shop (5H Ageplay)by Uhhhhhh
Ally has had a hard life going to work from 6am to 4pm every single day. What happens when she meets a lovely couple that wants her to be there baby .
This Is the Safest Place I've Ever Known by battlecry7473
This Is the Safest Place I've Ever...by battlecry7473
Camila thinks Lauren would enjoy the benefits of being Little like her. Too bad Lauren's too stubborn for her own good. AKA: A rewrite of my New Adjustments to a Little...
New Adjustments to a Little World by battlecry7473
New Adjustments to a Little Worldby battlecry7473
AU. In a society where a personality test determines the role you play, there are dominants, submissives, caretakers, and littles. When Lauren gets her results back, she...
Broken, Afraid, & Sensitive  by VioletandTate01
Broken, Afraid, & Sensitive by VioletandTate01
You know that one kid in school who just seems to be the target for everyone else to bully and push around, usually a smaller kid? Well, at Miami School Of Performing Ar...
My Baby  (Lauren/You) (Discontinued) by camren156
My Baby (Lauren/You) (Discontinue...by camren156
y/n was walking late at night worst mistake she did. She gets taken by 4 girls but one wanted her to be her age play baby.
Ageplay Oneshots (5H) by WaitWhat727
Ageplay Oneshots (5H)by Uhhhhhh
A group of oneshots taking suggestions and requests 😊 What ever you guys want I'll try to write it to my ability.
Act Like A Baby, Get Treated Like A Baby (Camren) by my_fiction_fantasies
Act Like A Baby, Get Treated Like...by Shannon
Camila has been acting up lately and Lauren is tired of it. On a trip to the store one day, Lauren figures out a plan to make her stop. STORY CONVERTED (18+ ONLY TO VISI...
My wittle baby doll by artmaniac0512
My wittle baby dollby Mei Ishikawa
Ally Brooke is just an average high schooler, but what happens when she gets whisked off the streets?
Nighttime (5H Ageplay) by cosmic-joke
Nighttime (5H Ageplay)by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NOT MY STORY! converted from: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3375638 enjoy! :)
Damaged (Ageplay) (Completed)  by AdoringlyFlorence
Damaged (Ageplay) (Completed) by Scarly’s girl <3
"I think scars are like battle wounds - beautiful, in a way. They show what you've been through and how strong you are for coming out of it" -Demi Lovato Cover...
The 6th Harmony by FallingBlossoms20
The 6th Harmonyby Falling Blossom
Ivy was excited to see her favourite band, fifth harmony when things went horribly wrong...
again | fifth harmony au by prettythxts
again | fifth harmony auby DNA™
The need pulls at Camila and Lauren. When Camila finds out about Lauren, she slips. Then the girls find out. Will the girls agree and work it out? [FIFTH HARMONY AGEPL...
My Little Camz by fifth_harmony_x
My Little Camzby Planetgreeneyes
Age Play and Spanking (Don't like don't read ) Lauren is the mommy who takes care and gives love along with discipline to her baby girl. Camila is the baby girl who nee...
Please love me (5 harmony kidfict) by ShyTennageGirl
Please love me (5 harmony kidfict)by ShyTennageGirl
Lauren and her friends has always wanted a child and when they meet Camilla they lives fill complete but how will she feel about them Btw no one is a celebrity (Little...
Extra Love (5H Ageplay) by my_fiction_fantasies
Extra Love (5H Ageplay)by Shannon
Converted from http://itsasugarcoatedsecret.tumblr.com/post/64226866042/you-look-around-for-someone-by-your-side-an-age OT5 relationship. Lauren and Camila are both litt...
Busted (Fifth Harmony ageplay oneshot) by Shanejergi
Busted (Fifth Harmony ageplay ones...by Shanejergi
Dinah finally does the time for her crimes but unfortunately Lauren too gets pulled into trouble.
Not Your Baby (Ageplay) by littlest_hearts
Not Your Baby (Ageplay)by #ineverupdatesorry
Camila thinks Ally and Dinah baby her too much. Lauren thinks they don't baby her enough. ~Dinally, little Lauren, and (eventually) little Camila.~
Left (5H ageplay) by WaitWhat727
Left (5H ageplay)by Uhhhhhh
When Camila leaves the group how will Lauren deal with her best friend gone ?
Finding MY Way by princessnala01
Finding MY Wayby NickyCole
this a dinah/normani story
Camila's Secret ... (Age regression story) by VioletandTate01
Camila's Secret ... (Age regressio...by VioletandTate01
Camila has a little secret.. She doesn't want anyone to know about her secret. Camila is a little. She uses this as an escape and to deal with trauma that she has had in...