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The States! (Aph) by Kc_Arts98
The States! (Aph)by Kari Camp
Alfred F. Jones the personified version of America has to introduce the entire world to his States in order to maintain a peaceful and trustful environment between him a...
Fifty and a Half Children [CountryHumans] by Unoccured
Fifty and a Half Children [Country...by Unoccured
It wasn't uncommon for countries to have children, some had few, some had many. Although America is one of many, not 4, not 10, but 52 mouths to feed, all living under o...
50 Kids by ThemBonesGorl
50 Kidsby Hog Skin
You have to read to find out! But its my first story so im sorry if it sucks. (Also this book is now finished)
More Than One by moxxie_box
More Than Oneby moxxie
The worlds superpower, America, was thought to be just like the other nations; without any states. However, there's more than just him who's taking care of and represent...
American Secrets by Silver_Rapier
American Secretsby Maiko
North America is a rather mysterious continent few know about. Quiet Canada, boisterous America and scoffing Mexico all deflect questions about their continent. But now...
Book 2 - The Angel Against Revolution by JustSkulkingAround
Book 2 - The Angel Against Revolut...by The Gremlin
Still recovering from a near-deadly magic display, Russia narrowly tries to escape the overpowering watch of the Revolution, a strange organization with unknown governme...
Book 1 - Puppets by JustSkulkingAround
Book 1 - Puppetsby The Gremlin
Russia is sent overseas to stay with America, but it isn't clear why until after he arrives. As soon as he steps foot on American soil, Russia is thrown upside-down into...
Hetalia: Guide to the 50 States by LunarJade
Hetalia: Guide to the 50 Statesby Jade
This is a guide to Jade's Hetalia OCs based on the 50 States and Washington D.C. There are no stories in this book; there are only character profiles for anyone wanting...
The 52 Problems Of America [Completed] by MagicNature321
The 52 Problems Of America [Comple...by Earl Grey Tea
i'M sO oRiGiNaL! Anyway, America's secret gets out (or something). Hopefully, you won't cringe (I sorry if you do though). I (obviously) don't own Hetalia, or the cover...
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 2) by LunarJade
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 2)by Jade
Arkansas drops turkeys. Oregon sees leprechauns. Kansas holds a sex toy auction. And 2020 ruins everything... All in all, it's just a normal day for the 50 States of Ame...
Book 1.5 - Puppets Extras by JustSkulkingAround
Book 1.5 - Puppets Extrasby The Gremlin
Extra information and deleted scenes can make Puppets more delightful or easier to understand. Book 1+ of Russian Adventures All writing and art belongs to me.
America's 50 problems by vicnii
America's 50 problemsby vicnii
America has been keeping a secret from the whole world,but what if that secret gets exposed to the whole world?Obviously nothing good and all his 50 problems now the who...
Hetalia fanfic~ The 50 States (of They Need Therapy) by AgentAJAKAAngelHeart
Hetalia fanfic~ The 50 States (of...by AgentAJisObssesed
When America forgets his papers at home, a woman the nations' had never seen before brings them to him. The nation's soon come to learn not only about the states, but se...
Statehouse Christmas 10 day countdown! by BullseyeAtlas
Statehouse Christmas 10 day countd...by Nyxi
10 day countdown to Christmas with the states!
{Statehouse Headcanons} by The_Avacodo
{Statehouse Headcanons}by Avacado
Just some random headcanons, incorrect quotes, one shots, etc
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1) by LunarJade
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1)by Jade
California becomes the Mayor of Hell. Texas solves problems with guns. New York has a rat infestation. And Florida does Florida... All in all, it's just a normal day for...
MHA Students With The State Flags by JackGourdon25
MHA Students With The State Flagsby Cat monster
I will be matching a couple of class 1A students with some of the flags from the 50 states we call America. And yes I won't be doing all of the students, just the ones t...
States of trouble( countyhumans/statehumans) by gaypenguinhaslimes
States of trouble( countyhumans/st...by Penguin the enby
Your typical state story, America is out of town, and a group of unknowing countries agree to babysit. What could go wrong? . . . . "Oh god everything things in fi...
Fifty states of America x child reader by Shanemister12
Fifty states of America x child re...by Shanemister12
This is every state in America but not in one big group... Maybe. I'm doing all the states of America and some ships if you wish. If you all have any ideas on what state...
random state shit  by PerfectSoyEgg
random state shit by Egg
this book is basically random stuff for Aph states sooo if you like that stuff here ya go :P