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Fifty-oneish by LoreKreative
Fifty-oneishby Kreative
WILL NOT BE DISCONTINUED! America has 51 (psychotic) children to take care of and the only other person that knows is his half, Confederate. He's constantly late to meet...
Who the hell are you?! (Old Version) by 284zunblo
Who the hell are you?! (Old Versio...by Zunblo
(Old Version) A story where America wasn't found by England and none of the nations new of his existence... Until now. 3rd person pov(?) Gay and OOC Please don't talk ab...
50 Kids by ThemBonesGorl
50 Kidsby Hog Skin
I need you guys to stop reading this 😭 (Also this book is now finished)
The States! (Aph) by Kc_Arts98
The States! (Aph)by Kari Camp
Alfred F. Jones the personified version of America has to introduce the entire world to his States in order to maintain a peaceful and trustful environment between him a...
More Than One by moxxie_box
More Than Oneby moxxie
The worlds superpower, America, was thought to be just like the other nations; without any states. However, there's more than just him who's taking care of and represent...
America's 50 problems❌RE WRITTEN❌ by vicnii
America's 50 problems❌RE WRITTEN❌by vicnii
It's a normal day Everyone in the g8 are mostly fighting with eachother until america forgot his papers but has the door open a young boy appears who is it?? 🔴THIS ONE...
Book 1 - Puppets by JustSkulkingAround
Book 1 - Puppetsby The Gremlin
Russia is sent overseas to stay with America, but it isn't clear why until after he arrives. As soon as he steps foot on American soil, Russia is thrown upside-down into...
His Children- Revealed by MelodyLunairEclipse
His Children- Revealedby MelodyLunairEclipse
"Alfred, who is this?" "Ah, well... She's my daughter." "Mon Dieu, you have a daughter?" "More like he had 26 daughters and 26 sons...
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 2) by LunarJade
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 2)by Jade
Arkansas drops turkeys. Oregon sees leprechauns. Kansas holds a sex toy auction. And 2020 ruins everything... All in all, it's just a normal day for the 50 States of Ame...
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 3) by LunarJade
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 3)by Jade
Maine loves lobsters. Wisconsin loves butter. Idaho loves potatoes. And America loves to eat anything except Marmite. All in all, it's just a normal day for the 50 State...
Roleplay Scenarios by 50StatesOfHetalia
Roleplay Scenariosby Inactive
Every RP account needs a place to RP. Sooo.... Bam! This book exists!
Statehouse Christmas 10 day countdown! by BullseyeAtlas
Statehouse Christmas 10 day countd...by MarvelAce
10 day countdown to Christmas with the states!
Art Book by _I_M_F_
Art Bookby I.M.F.
Ok so, hi again guys! This is NOT a book in my THS it is merely an art book. But it will hold some of the designs for the characters. This book will have designs for Cou...
The 52 Problems Of America [Completed] by Earl-Grey-Teapot
The 52 Problems Of America [Comple...by Earl Gray
i'M sO oRiGiNaL! Anyway, America's secret gets out (or something). Hopefully, you won't cringe (I sorry if you do though). I (obviously) don't own Hetalia, or the cover...
Hetalia, Countryhumans One-Shots by Problem_Author
Hetalia, Countryhumans One-Shotsby Frisky_Bits
SKSKSKSKSKSK this is to satisfy my fandom needs.
The not so much United States by Hollyflower1
The not so much United Statesby Hollyflower1
After one of the 'normal' world meetings America goes missing. The countries have a few theories on what happened. While the countries are searching for clues of Alfre...