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The marine RWBY x Male reader by saian2001
The marine RWBY x Male readerby The Commandant
A suspicious object lands in the forest. Team RWBY is sent to investigate. Their discovery could quite possibly change not only their lives but the course of Remnant
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrival by Shadow_trooper
Starwarhammer: Book 1 Arrivalby Shadow_trooper
Star Wars the clone wars X Warhammer 40k
Overlord: Star God by Sir_Arty
Overlord: Star Godby The Writer
An Overlord-Warhammer 40k crossover. So if you have the time, I think this is a great read... (Shameful author!) Shut up.
Male reader (Ork) x My Hero Academia Disclaimer: I do not own the vids, pics, Orks from Warhammer 40k and My Hero Academia. It belongs to their respective owners (vids a...
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male Reader x Massive crossover) by DragonGodML
FOR CHAOS (Chaos Space Marine Male...by TitusML
You are a Chaos Space Marine that fights for the forces of Chaos and the dark gods will. you will meet many adversaries that the Chaos gods set in place for you, good lu...
Ire of Mankind (A 40k and halo fanfic) by thelolp777
Ire of Mankind (A 40k and halo fan...by I'm a writer I guess?
*The art is not mine but from 推文 (though I am not 100% sure if I got it right). Please let me know if you want to take it down or not* *This fan fiction is for the sole...
How not to Summon a Librarian by Sir_Arty
How not to Summon a Librarianby The Writer
A Warhammer 40k x How not to Summon a Demon Lord crossover
Legion Wars by Shadow_trooper
Legion Warsby Shadow_trooper
During the height of the great Crusade, a ring was discovered, and repaired. The Legions muster a combined fleet, and send a force through, to a Galaxy Far Far Away
New hope, Empress by 7warsawa4
New hope, Empressby LongTimeNoSee
"you are him, reincarnation. I know, I feel it my lord. don't deny it and help us take back the Imperium of mankind." Just she had few parts wrong, one I were...
Jutice League Warhammer 40000 Saga by OrcTrollTauren
Jutice League Warhammer 40000 Sagaby Orc Troll Tauren
Superman got lost in Warhammer 40000 world. Justice league assembled to rescue Superman. ------------------------------------------- There are Infinite Universe and Warh...
FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN (Goblin Slayer Genderbent X 40k) by SpaceNazi
FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN (Goblin Slay...by 11
After fighting in a gruesome battle and dying, the Lord Commissar wakes up in a whole new world.
Knight of Remnant by Shadow_trooper
Knight of Remnantby Shadow_trooper
Warhammer x RWBY The Imperial Knight has landed on Remnant, by accident.
Arcadia a 40k/Halo crossover  by datguy2001
Arcadia a 40k/Halo crossover by datguy2001
An original fan fiction crossover of two legendary universes. Halo and Warhammer 40k but more specifically the Death Korps Of Krieg! Watch these two sides clash, will t...
Salamander Terminator x rwby by Lust_of_War
Salamander Terminator x rwbyby Lust_of_War
i do not own any images this version of rwby is an alternate world type so somethings ain't the same.
Blade of Vengeance( Freeblade OC x 40K Harem) by Mmcprim
Blade of Vengeance( Freeblade OC x...by Titus prime
I don't fully know everything about Warhammer 40K but I really wanted to try a harem fanfic
Steel Will by SawyerKing
Steel Willby Sawyer King
On the world of Trepandaur, the Kaneron Rifles Astra Militarum Regiment prepares to launch an invasion of the planet after the Imperium has discovered that an invaluable...
Gold Without Iron Within by TheWolfPrimarch
Gold Without Iron Withinby Allfather
A dead guy who has been run over by a truck now have meet the god he will granted 4 wish no more no less, For his first option, He would like to be reincarnated in star...
The World Eater by TheWolfPrimarch
The World Eaterby Allfather
A man died and meet god to yet just get yeet to SciFi universe as angron primarch of the world eater he was task to do some shady mission while being under grandmaster Y...
Kayla's Life [Rewritten] by xXxXGamer_GirlXxXx
Kayla's Life [Rewritten]by XxXxGamer_GirlxXxX
This is a rewrite of my original book. Though, it was Inspired by another author here on the app. --- Kayla is a small husky. She had grew up on a farm. A farm used to b...