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2D x Reader - Somefink In The Air by LetsDoTheFork
2D x Reader - Somefink In The Airby Fork
After crossing paths with a certain blue haired individual, you and your fluffy companion must get to grips with all the madness that comes with. (Female Reader) Disclai...
~*•2D x Reader •*~ by AlrightMatee
~*•2D x Reader •*~by AlrightMatee
Bloody hell when did 1k reads happen You have a normal life , not really that different to others . But then a once in a lifetime event happens making your life better...
2-D X Reader by magpoo
2-D X Readerby savannah
After going to a New Year's Eve party you meet 2-D. Things take a toll for the best.
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshots by JazzThePickleMaster
Gorillaz X Reader | Oneshotsby Jassu
Gorillaz oneshots! Read to find out what happens between you and the band members..! ✿PLEASE NOTE✿ - My mother language IS NOT English, so I may have grammatical mist...
Big Book of Murdoc X Readers (and some 2-D) by swinchester22
Big Book of Murdoc X Readers (and...by shellby-trettel
i know there arnt a ton of murdoc x readers so i will write a lot of them :)
2-D X Reader by gorillazgirl123
2-D X Readerby gorillazgirl123
If you looking for a real 2-D fanfiction, with more than a few chapters and with a thought through story plot, then this is what you lookin for. Your a loner girl, who h...
unwanted welcome (NoodleXcyborgnoodle gorillaz fanfiction) by onmelancholyhill
unwanted welcome (NoodleXcyborgnoo...by onmelancholyhill
you come home from a deadly adventure. youve been throufh it all- starved, isolated, shot at, bruised, shot out of the sky, and cut- what would you expect when you got h...
Captain Hook x Shy Reader by ElizabethTorres135
Captain Hook x Shy Readerby Elizabeth Torres
Esme and her brother Thomas are both well known in the town of Storybrooke Esme runs a dance studio and also helps her brother manage there family library but they als...
Break Me - Murdoc Niccals x OC by CultMother
Break Me - Murdoc Niccals x OCby Blood Initiate
It was never meant to go this far. It shouldn't have lasted this long. She knew she should stop, that their relationship should be purely professional, but there was som...
2doc  by Luckyloo123
2doc by Tubboat
basically 2doc mates <>.<>
Am I Just A Bad Dream? (Gorillaz X reader) BOOK 2 by TheCryClub
Am I Just A Bad Dream? (Gorillaz X...by Butts Butts Butts
THIS BOOK IS A CONTINUATION OF MY LAST BOOK, WAKE UP (GORILLAZ X READER) How can Noodle cope with the loss of her friend and her career going down hill years after...
My hidden Stockholm syndrome love by MissMasky
My hidden Stockholm syndrome loveby Masky sutton
Ill try to make it as realistic and as long as I can 1️⃣8️⃣➕ content Takes place in phase 3 later in story but in the beginning it's phase 1-2 It's a Murdoc x reader btw
MurdocXreader  by Emiko_lee
MurdocXreader by Salty~
You're as lonely fantasying bartender who feels that she will get no where in life but the changes when a odd green bassist appears and you realize you're similarities a...
Gorillaz One-shots (its pretty much just fluff) by Eyesareforlosers
Gorillaz One-shots (its pretty muc...by EyesAreForLosers
haha this is very stupid but i guess you can read it as a joke
Gorrilaz one shots 🌙 by Illy_3
Gorrilaz one shots 🌙by Sa_i
Hey uh-Pretty straight forward..just some gorrilaz one shots for all you fan girls/boys/enbys /any gender really :]💖💖
Deadbeat (A Gorillaz 2D x Female Reader fanfic) by Hellion-La-Rose
Deadbeat (A Gorillaz 2D x Female R...by Rosali Lin
Your best friend and foster sister is Sydney Pot, the possible daughter of a man named Stuart Pot. The front man of a band called Gorillaz. The day Sydney turns 18, you...
Gorillaz in: Baby Potion by Yuioko
Gorillaz in: Baby Potionby Yuioko
(Artwork is not mine) Murdoc bought a special bottle of alcohol from a lady in New Orleans on their American tour of the Plastic Beach album (while they weren't trapped...
Gorillaz Parent Scenarios by Raining-Willow
Gorillaz Parent Scenariosby Willow
no one else did this, so I will! includes: 2-D Murdoc And Russell