The Fifth Member: Phase 1 by MissConstruct
The Fifth Member: Phase 1by Infested
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Story is under a lot of editing. Just a story following my Gorillaz OC, Erin, a songwriter for the band.
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Chicken (2doc) by 18daydream18
Chicken (2doc)by Queen of the flems
"Do you want me to explain what the game is?" I nodded quickly and Mudz sighed. "It's hard to explain.... two people sit across from each other and move...
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  • lgbt
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Remember Me | D'Angelo Russell by Danniduhh
Remember Me | D'Angelo Russellby Danni.duhh
"You promise me you'll remember me when I'm gone?" I laugh a little bit. "How could I forget you D'Angelo?" You made me break all of my rules, I thin...
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Stockholm Syndrome ≫ Murdoc x Reader by wozzah
Stockholm Syndrome ≫ Murdoc x wozzah
Kidnapped against your will, you wake up to find your world completely upside down when a bastard bassist drags you to an island for his own personal gain. (New chapters...
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Dork Diaries by softientae
Dork Diariesby 𝕜𝕒𝕥 ♡
watch nikki turn nice to evil. welcome to nikki's life! this is such an old book lmao im sorry its so bad ): im not going to be editing though, n please check the last...
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My Drawings 2 (2k17-2k19) by -Freshcicle
My Drawings 2 (2k17-2k19)by 【Liu Xia】
Yeah so I like ran out of publishing space on my first drawing book lmao So I'm gonna start anOTher oNE~~
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Fame Hurts (Noodle X Male Reader) by xxtyliexx
Fame Hurts (Noodle X Male Reader)by Bryn
¤ Hi. My name is (Y/N) (L/N). I have a very weird, but interesting story. Would you care to see what happened in that story? ¤ Have a peek into this book, full of fun, s...
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Destined  by collector-chaeyoung
Destined by R O S E H U N
  • exo
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NBA school world by insertclevertitle5
NBA school worldby linkin park
Basically all my favourite gay ships in the NBA. Set in high school. What happens when the school organizes extra class just for the school basketball team? Romance invo...
  • westbrook
  • curry
  • durant
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Transformers: Robots In Disguise by Angie_l-v_Uzumaki
Transformers: Robots In Disguiseby Krystal Perez
Star, Sarah and Rose have been living in Crown City for two years, knowing Denny for the same amount of time. Even though he never says anything, Rose noticed that thing...
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Dawn by therealmurdocniccals
Dawnby Murdoc Niccals
Dawn was an orphan until Murdoc Niccals and Stuart Pot found her in an alley way and took her in.
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the real world  by reasonwithme
the real world by mya da lizard 🦎
you ain't neva lived in the world till you came into this house babe.
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True Love by kissnielshippers
True Loveby kissnielshippers
Sa love walang pinipiling oras, itsura, lugar at Tao Kapag tinamaan ka, tinamaan ka 💜💜
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The Girl Who Played For The Cubs by littlesirrom10
The Girl Who Played For The Cubsby Lonely babe
(Taken place in 2015) Reagan Zero had a hard life back in the past. She is the first girl to ever play in MLB. Especially for the Cubs. Will they except her or will...
  • depressed
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Closely Apart by swagnochu97
Closely Apartby jeon byul
"Let's play a game" . . . . . In which a girl who keeps getting the first place, ended up getting the second place, after that one particular boy who had just...
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The Golden Age by adifferentsunset
The Golden Ageby ╰☆╮
The 60s was what people were calling the golden age. Full of new hope and lost war. But war and new hope were an understatement for this group. Join the "gang"...
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Nostalgia by chanelle13writes
Nostalgiaby Chanelle Dawn
Five boys reunite after 10 years. Will their love for music and friendship be rekindled after being placed in a position they couldn't refuse? BoybandPH-inspired fanfict...
  • tristan
  • reyes
  • russell
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Boyband Breakup: BPH no More by PatataPigro
Boyband Breakup: BPH no Moreby PatataPigro
2019 BoybandPH rose to fame - both individually and as a group. They are about to release their third album by the third quarter of that year. Everything was going exc...
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Lost and Found//Sequel to Just Meant to Be\\2D X Reader by -TrancyFancy-
Lost and Found//Sequel to Just ✧Trash✧
You and 2D have been dating for years now. Lots of drama has occurred over the years. Including Murdoc kissing you, your ex coming back into your life, and issues in the...
  • plasticbeach
  • cyborg
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Norman Reedus Imagines  by reedus_fever
Norman Reedus Imagines by Nickelbacker
Just a big book of NR imagines and his characters!!! Norman imagines will only be on here if requested. I suck ass at writing them without any background information abo...
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