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Always be my baby  by cookie_crumbble
Always be my baby by Fan_of_benley
What if miranda was never that shy girl that nobody knew or the one that never had many friends with strict parents when she was in school 🤨 ‼️Some mature content‼️
grey's anatomy one-shots & preferences [requests closed] UNDER EDITING by mckenziecer
grey's anatomy one-shots & mckenzie
| PLEASE ASK ME BEFORE YOU USE THESE PROMPTS. | I will be writing about relationships with Alex Karev, Derek Shepherd, George O'Malley, Mark Sloan, Denny Duquette, Finn...
(Not) All For Show by luvdarkstars
(Not) All For Showby jyka
Miranda Bailey, an actress known for her mystery and sci-fi movies, is now getting ready for a chance at romance. Not a lot of people have faith in her skills in this ge...
Had To Be You by Benleylove12
Had To Be Youby
Miranda is in a 10 year marriage that isn't working when she meets Ben Warren. He becomes the man she's always needed and wanted but not without drama from her marriage.
mayas sister  by greysanatomy7564mcu
mayas sister by greysanatomy7564mcu
trouble lies around every corner it seems to follow maddy everywhere she go's.This is a story of maya bishops youngest sibling and all the challenges she will face #5 Ja...
Marina's Bambina by bdelucabishop
Marina's Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I didn't think I wanted kids. Well, until I saw that little girl sitting on the curb.
The Accident by Musicgirl1120
The Accidentby Musicgirl1120
Engine 19 gets into an accident and Maya gets seriously injured. Will she be ok? Originally published on AO3.
Our Bambina by bdelucabishop
Our Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I never thought I wanted a family. It wasn't important to me so I didn't really care about it. The first time I saw them, I didn't think I wanted to be part of their fa...
Lovers and friends  by cookie_crumbble
Lovers and friends by Fan_of_benley
Miranda and Ben have been friends for a while. Things with miranda and a date start going further than ben expected. The date finds out about Ben and what him and Mirand...
A Bambina or Bambino of Our Own by Musicgirl1120
A Bambina or Bambino of Our Ownby Musicgirl1120
Maya and Carina have been in a happy relationship for three years, and since the beginning, they both said they never wanted kids. But now, both of them find themselves...
DESCANSOS━━Grey's Anatomy by awfulmoons
DESCANSOS━━Grey's Anatomyby  
Does it hurt when you think of me?       ▍S11━━??, OC x OC       ▍Cover by @remuslupout
Fire of Hope by Profiler2610
Fire of Hopeby Profiler2610
Skylar Montgomery had a rough past. Her drug and alcohol addiction started when she was 13 and continued for years until her brother saved her. Six years after Travis sa...
Take on the World by andyhcrrera
Take on the Worldby andyhcrrera
Andy Herrera knew two things: She didn't want to settle down, and she didn't want to start a family. Firefighting was first, it always had been and it always would be. ...
Love V. All Odds (Surrera fiction) by station19chronicles
Love V. All Odds (Surrera fiction)by Station 19
A great twist to the lovely Station 19 couple Sullivan and Andy.
We'll Get Through This by Musicgirl1120
We'll Get Through Thisby Musicgirl1120
Everything has been going perfect for the Bishop-Delucas. They have two amazing daughters, work is going great, and they are ready to have another baby. But when a routi...
Christmas in New York by luvdarkstars
Christmas in New Yorkby jyka
miranda bailey goes on vacation for the holidays, bearing a darkness in her soul she has yet to find a solution to. she hopes her trip will heal her, even just a little...
I thought I was going to lose you by emmerswrites
I thought I was going to lose youby emmers
when Maya and Andy are in a car crash togather, they have to fight for their lives untill some one is able to find them. #1 on #station19 on 6/13/19 #1 on #mayabishop o...
Carina DeLuca x oc by presidential_facts
Carina DeLuca x ocby lee
Maya Bishop x female! oc This is set in season 3. Look inside for more details. There is cursing and homophobia (definitely homophobia)
Bad Break by Musicgirl1120
Bad Breakby Musicgirl1120
In which Maya falls and breaks her knee, resulting in surgery and a lot of time off from work
Little Surprises Everywhere by 109Maddie
Little Surprises Everywhereby Maddie
Hailey Bishop has always had one goal perfection. But when her abusive father Lane kicks her out her world is turned upside down and she goes to her big sister Maya for...