Chapter 5

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Gon POV:

'H-he..what?? I can't believe I'm hearing this right now..Please don't be true..Please...' Gon's face turns as pale as a ghost. He can't believe what he's hearing right now. Gon's to distracted thinking about what to do to even worry about why Killua followed him home.


"Gon." Killua says, voice completely serious that it gives Gon chills.

"What..what's going on.... please tell me the truth. I want to help you. What's happening is not okay." He begs.

Gon can feel his throat closing up, and chokes out a "I..." He quickly looks down to his feet, his hair covering Killuas view from seeing Gon's eyes. His hands now form tight fists and he's using all his power not to breakdown right there on the spot.

Killua grabs one of Gon's hands and puts his other hand on top of it. 

"I understand that its not easy to say. But I'm not letting you leave until you tell me what the fuck is going on." He says. 

Gons eyes meet his, head still facing the floor. He then quickly clears his throat and sits up a little, trying to prevent his eyes from shaking. 

Gon's emotions have always been easy to read, which can be a flaw at times. But he surprisingly has an amazing poker face.

He lets out a loud exaggerated sigh and starts. "Well... if you really want to know that bad... I guess I don't have a choice." 

He lets out a sad short chuckle before beginning to speak again. "Okay...well... while my mom was in labor, my dad left. He didn't even bother to come see me or her. She found this out only after she was out of the hospital. My father changed all his contact information that way my mother couldn't get a hold of him, and traveled to the other side of the world. I'm over that now, though." Gon looks away, before looking back at Killua. 

"After that... my mom was kind of depressed. She had a drinking problem, and sometimes would get out of hand to the point where she would take her anger out on me. But I never took it personally, I knew she still loved me. Eventually, she met a guy. He was super sweet, and took extremely good care of me and my mom. They got married and we were happy for the first time in a while." He forms a sad smile. 

"Then, he was framed for rape and murder, and was going to be put in jail for the rest of his life. My mom spent all her time, she barely slept. Trying to get lawyers and prove that he was innocent. I was worried a lot, but then...." Gon looks down. "He disappeared one day after court. My mom spent months searching for him. She then at one point thought that he had left her just like my... sperm doner...At that point, my mom couldn't take it anymore. She left me a goodbye note an well.... kicked the bucket." Killua's eyes widen. He puts his arm around Gon in a comforting manner.  

"After that I didn't know what to do with myself... so I did the first thing a kid would do when they were in trouble and went straight to the police. My mom had no more family left, and my biological dad had a cousin and a grandmother. The police were able to get in contact with his cousin and she immediately agreed to take me in. I loved her like she was my mom, and she treated me like I was her son....but then...." He clears his throat. 

"Well her grandmother died from cancer, so it was just me and her. But then one day..." He starts to tear up. "It was just a normal day. Apparently the house we lived in was her childhood house, so Ging knew exactly where it was. He found out that she was taking care of me, and so eventually, many of the people that were after Ging found out too. And then, a guy snuck into our house while we were sleeping. And took us both captive." 


"He then had his gang manage to tie us both up in our own basement. He threatened me by saying that, If I were ever to run or call the police, then he would immediately kill Mito. He isn't afraid of death, so if the cops were to enter and try to save us, all he had to do was push a button and Mito would be dead." He said now tears streaming down his face, eyes dull. "It's been like that for almost a year now, me going home and having to endure that torcher, then spending all my free time in school wondering how to save us. Mito even tried several times to take her own life just so I could be free, but I would always stop her and tell her that if she did, I endured all of that pain for nothing. Apparently the reason the guy ever kept us hostage to begin with was for Ging to do something, and then he would let us free...but...." Gon clears his throat. "He didn't actually care enough about us to do it, so we've been his hostages ever since." At this point Killuas eyes are wide, his hands are rubbing circles on Gon's back trying to comfort him, completely speechless.

"I- I'm so-"

"No need to apologize. You didn't do anything." Gon cuts him off. "I don't really know much about you, so if you're going to go tell everyone about this... then..." He trails off not knowing what he'd do.

"H-huh?! I would never! I'm not a jerk... don't worry. I can't say I can relate remotely to all the suffering you've been through...but... I can say that I would never want anyone to go through that, no matter who they are..." Killua says, To this Gon looks up at him, His back hunched forward with his elbows resting on his knees, eyes still watering. 

"sniff...t-thank you... I've never actually opened up to somebody like this... so sorry if I'm being a crybaby." He says while smiling. 

"What? Don't say sorry! I'm the one who asked you to tell me." Killua says softly. 

Though Killua is still at a lost for words because, he has never remotely heard of someone going through as much trauma as that.


"Should we head to class?" Gon asks Killua, sitting up again.

" lets skip.


'...cute..' Killua thinks as he returns the warm smile.

'I'm going to help this boy. No matter what it comes to, I'm going to help this boy.'






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