Chapter 6

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^Imma be using this girl in my story (Gon's only friend back on Whale Island) So what should be her name?

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^Imma be using this girl in my story (Gon's only friend back on Whale Island) So what should be her name?



Killua POV:


"Oh hey Ponzu! What's up?"

"You weren't in class today...did something happen?" The teal haired girl asked, worry suddenly flooding her voice.

"Huh? Oh no I'm fine!" Gon reassured her, as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

(Btw I'm just gonna make them switches because I can't decide if I like Gon top or Killua top better.)

"Oh okay, good." She said, mouth forming into a grin.

"Oh yeah! Ponzu this is Killua, my new friend! Killua this is Ponzu." Gon said glancing back at Killua.

Killua looked up surprised, Friend?? Yeah right... 

"Yo." Killua said as he shot his hand up.

"Hello! Really Gon, why didn't you introduce me as your friend? I'm offended!" She whined playfully.

"Okay fine. Killua, this is Ponzu, the queen of all rats!" He called and bursted out laughing as Ponzu punched him on the arm while yelling "Shut the fuck up Gon! Jeez I hate you so much!"

When Gon finally calmed down from laughing like a maniac, he pat Ponzu's head, "I love you too." Then started giggling like crazy again.

"Yeah whatever, shut up." She said as she crossed her arms and pouted. 

"Are you two...... a thing?" Killua asked curiously, pointing at both of them.

Gon had Ponzu in a head lock with his other hand on top of her head.

They looked up at Killua like he had 6 heads, then they both started laughing like Hyena's, throwing their heads back.

"HAHA no HAHA WAY!"Gon managed to get out in between laughs.

"HAHA you think HAHA I would dat- HAHA -date this...THING?" Ponzu yelled out, while pointing at Gon.

"Pffft.... you know you would. I'm sexy as fuck!" Gon called out. facing Ponzu. Killua blushed a little at this, surprised and quickly looked away.

"In your dreams, Squidward Testicles." She said while sticking her tongue out at him.

Gon clutched his invisible pearls and let out an offended gasp. "Rude!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Ponzu said, flicking Gon off then facing Killua. "Besides, men suck. I'm official coochie man."

Killua looked up, shocked, and started waving his hands apologetically. "M-my bad!"

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