Chapter 1

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*Hisoka here. Just a little FYI most of the story will just be Killuas POV and third-person POV. I might add someone else's POV but for now it just those two. enjoy~*




-Killuas POV- *sigh* there he is again with his unbearable 'eVeRyThiNg iS oKaY' attitude. 

Honestly, I cant stand little brats like those. Someone needs to bring them into reality and out of their little 'cloud nine' and tell them that not everything is cupcakes and rainbows in this world. Shit happens.

 "Goodmorning!" I hear as I snap out of my little daze. 

Ugh, not him. I shoot him a dirty look and turn away, but apparently, he is to naive to get the memo. 

"How has your day been going so far? Are you ready for another exhausting day of school?" He says with his big smile and weirdly sparkly eyes. 

Obviously I am not in the mood to speak with him right now,  so I just say, "Fuck off." as I turn around and walk away. 

Hopefully now he knows that I'm not interested in talking to him at all.




Time: 2:04PM 

Ugh finally school is over for the day. I don't even know why I'm forced to come here, if I could easily get homeschooled. 

I see that kid again with his big fat smile on his face. I don't know why but it kind of hurts me to see that smile... like as if he's hurting himself to smile.

I would know.

 Whatever, I must be imagining things. I cant help but notice a very big bruise on his back as he turns away.

 His jacket started to sag off his right shoulder, which lead it to expose many bruises, but he quickly lifted it back up. 

My eyes widen. 'what in the world?? I know those aren't normal.... I know.' I suddenly feel an obligation to know who this boy is and what goes on behind the scenes.

"Bye guys!" he says as he waves  goodbye to a couple third years. Hm, I guess he's really popular here.

"Bye Gon." Says the Blonde one. 

So his name is Gon.

"Bye kiddo!! Stay safe!!" Says the old looking one. To be honest I thought he was a teacher.

He waves goodbye and walks off. I get a little curious and decide to follow him. 

Just to be safe, I use shadow step to be extra careful not to get caught. I follow him and can't help but notice his normally big, bold, smile fade away into a very solemn, serious look. Even though I'm not his friend, I do see him around school a lot, and I know one thing for sure,

That doesn't suit him at all.

I'm extremely confused. I mean who wouldn't be? Man the world is full of mysteries. What's got this boy down?

Until I remember the bruises he had on the back of his shoulder, and decide to put two and two together.

Who is this kid?

I need to know.




Hisoka here~ This chapter isn't long but this will just be a one time thing. This Chapters picture is not mines. My drawing that I made for it got deleted, and I didnt feel like making a ne

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