Chapter 4

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How long has it been? idgaf don't answer that. Chile anyways lettuce continue onto the story my precious juicy booty fruits.


I finally make it back home from that little....adventure I just experienced (That sound very kinky Killua) I kick off my shoes and throw my bag on the floor. I drag myself to my living room and throw myself on the couch with only one thing on my mind.

Gons big juicy booty 😏😏😏

jK jk jk jk

Gon Freecss. (Not his booty😔😔....Im sorry i'll leave)

Ever since I left that house... well more like torcher chamber... I've been wondering to myself if I should've actually stayed and called the police and not left him and that women there with that blatantly obvious psychopath.

I start wondering to myself that the guy could be seriously harming Gon..and I just left without getting any kind of help for him. Although it was the safest move because there had to be a reason why Gon hasn't called for help himself, he has every opportunity (Not me forgeting how to spell opportunity for a hot second-) to do so. 

Agh, whatever. I'll just sleep it off, and confront him tomorrow. 

I go to take a shower in my studio apartment. I live alone because this was one of the best schools in the nation and my parents wanted me to attend to they sent me off to live on my own, though I still keep in touch with my family from time to time.

It gets kind of lonely around here sometimes and I just wish I had some company. SO thats when I decide to invite one of my greatest friends, he's been the only person I could trust and vent to, considering I have major trust issues which is not something to brag about.

I come out of the shower and slip on a pair of fitted Addidas sweat pants and a plain white, slightly see through tank top. After my little pondering session I had in the shower, I feel like speaking to someone, so I call my best friend Ikalgo and decide to talk to him.

I was going to tell him about what I witnessed today, but I decide on keeping it to myself, well at least until I confront Gon and get some answers out of him.

After my extremely random conversation with Ikalgo, where I asked him if he'd rather be a bath or a toilet, I finally decide to put my phone down and get some rest.

in the mOrNinG~~~~  

I wake up to the sound of my psychotic neighbor screaming at her cat for having 9 orange stripes and only 8 white stripes. *sigh* I really need to move....

I get up and perform my morning ritual which consists of; Getting up, (no shit sherlock) Brushing my teeth, putting on some proper clothes, stuffing something down my throat 😏😏, and praying at my Gon shrine- JK- (Thats what I DO not Killua) eating something, and tidying up. I'm an early bird, so I always stop by Ikalgo's house so I can walk with him to school because I have nothing better to do.

Me and Ikalgo arrive at school talking about the new Ramen shop that's opening up down the street, because, yum 😏. We sadly have different homerooms and only have PE and Biology together.

I walk to my locker to take out the stuff I need for the first half of my day, When I get approached by the bitchest of all Bitches, Sakura.

 Sakura isn't a bad person or anything, she's actually pretty charming. But I just really despise her. But I mean, what else is new? I literally hate almost everyone.

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