Chapter 3

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Killua POV:

'WHAT THE FUCK...' I thought as I stood at the top of the steps speechless. I'm actually really surprised that they haven't noticed me yet.

There he was.

This poor boy was being abused by the man. 

And I thought I had I had it bad. My family looks like angels in comparison.

Next to them was a women with orange hair chained down to some sort of chair.. it looked dangerous.

She looked absolutely awful. She was so thin a number of her bones could be seen. She had cuts and bruises all over her body, and was currently knocked out. 

I need to do something. 

I was panicking so much... that my head started spinning. I've never seen something so... gruesome. 

This man had Gon chained down, borderline naked. Maybe for sexual reasons, maybe not. I've seen a lot of shit in my life but this.... This makes it all look like a children's game.

"10 minutes late, and tried to run away? Leaving gets you nowhere...It's not like your aunt is living a very.. ideal life."

Huh? What does he mean by that?

He starts walking towards the orange haired woman.

"NO PLEASE WAIT!" Gon yelled. He looks so... desperate. What do I do? 

"Gon it's too late. Next time don't try to disobey me." He says as he picks up a whip. 

"Wake up bitch." He commands, kicking her awake as if she was some sort of mutt. The woman slowly opens her eyes, revealing A lot. They're so dull, lifeless. 

"Gon here was ten minutes late and tried to run away." He says.

"I didn't try to run! Don't listen to him Mito! I would never leave you here!" He yells in response.

"YOU! SHUT THE HELL UP!! I DIDN'T TELL YOU TO SPEAK NOW DID I???" He yells back, which Shakes me up a little.


The man starts walking towards Gon. "You know what happens when you speak out of line." He says reaching under the table Gon was on top of and pulling out a box.

"NO PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM!!! Please just let him go..."

"Let this little cutie go? Not in a million years." He says. Which lights a fire in me. This triggers memories, bad ones. That I would never wish upon my worst enemy.

The man opens the box revealing a number of things that look like they would be props at a Halloween store... but real. 

"Hmm...Is 3 enough? I'm feeling a little pissed off today so how about 5.."

Gon's eyes widen. They got so big I thought they were going to roll right out of his sockets.

What is this man planning to do to this boy now? I try and take out my claws, I couldn't bare to see this go on any longer.

"Shut the fuck up. You know what? I'm sick of you talking." He says. He then takes out a knife from the same box and cuts the inside of Gon's mouth. 

I flinch, closing one eye and hissing under my breath. 

The man then proceeds to take 5 strange looking... torcher items that I've never actually seen before. And does very- unpleasant things to the boy.

Gons mouth opens and eyes squeeze shut as if he was screaming Bloody Mary.. but no sound came out besides a little whimper. 

"Try harder. I'll stop when I can hear you scream."

"STOP THIS INSANITY AND LET HIM GO!! HE DOESN'T DESERVE ANY OF THIS!!" The woman yells from the corner of the room. 

He shoots her a spine chilling glare, and turns his back on Gon, walking towards the woman.

"Now is a perfect time to attack-!" I think to myself as I try to pull on my claws- once the deadliest weapons you would ever see.

But- nothing happens. And I'm hit with the reality that I swore never to kill another person again and- 

That means I don't remember how to use my claws anymore.

He walks over to the woman and picks up the whip he left next to her. 

"Lets pick up where we left off, shall we?" 

He then proceeds to whip her. I turn around thinking about making a run to the kitchen to grab some sort of weapon. 

Or should I just call the police? 

Wait- why hasn't Gon called the police yet...?

"ONE MINUTE." he yells, striking her bare body with the whip. The loud sound of leather slicing through the air cuts off my thoughts.





"SIX MINUTES" At this point you can see the wounds starting to open up again and blood starting to ooze, creating puddles.


The women's gasps of pain and her desperate screams for help have me booking it up the steps.

I pull out my phone to check time time and see it's already 8:00 PM. Jeez...Time flew by. 

"Okay, I think I've had enough fun for today." He says then he sits right next to Gon and starts un-tying him.


Then says, "Entertain me."

I was now in the kitchen vigorously searching for a weapon of some sort, but nothing I found seemed fatal.

"AHHHHHH!!" I heard screams coming from downstairs once again. I peer inside as I see the boy on the floor being kicked and absolutely abused by the man.

The man then handcuffs Gon to one of the legs of the table and says "Sleep." Again, treating the boy as if he was a worthless animal.

He then starts walking up the steps, I quickly look around for something to defend myself with but then remember any deadly weapons are downstairs.

So instead I make a run for it. And decide on Confronting Gon in school tomorrow and asking him why he doesn't call for help. 

What the fuck did I just witness...?






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