Chapter 8

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"I don't think that Noko chick likes me very much." The teal haired girl stated, causing Gon to convert his attention from his iphone 7 to her eyes.

"What makes you say that?" He asked, completely oblivious.

"Really Gon? You are literally incapable of picking up any signs whatsoever." She says, one eyebrow raised staring him straight in his honey brown eyes.

To this Gon puffs his cheeks, letting out a huff much like a horse. "Can you just tell me instead of insulting my pretty face?" He asks, less like a question and more like a demand.

"Well the first thing is, that bitch was glaring pot holes through my forehead when I was doing anything with you." She says, then lays her chin on top of the palm of her hand mixing her drink with the straw.

"Hey don't call her that! She's actually a really good person I'll have you know." He retorts, eyebrows furrowed. 

Ponzu slowly lifts her eyes off her cup and meets Gon's gaze. "To you, Gon. She's a nice person to you." She says, emphasizing the last 'to you'. "I think you were just taking it the wrong way Ponzu, she's always been a great person." Gon says eyes closed eyebrows lifted, leaning back to lay on the back of his seat.

"Gon. She's always been a nice person to you because she clearly likes you. Like, more then a friend." Ponzu says, folding her arms over her chest.

Gon quickly snaps his eyes towards Ponzu's. "What?!" He says, as if it was some Sherlock Homes level stuff to figure out. 

"Really Gon?! REALLY?!" She says, physically face palming.

"W-what makes you say that?!" He shouts at her, genuinely confused.

"GON. SHE LITERALLY KISSED.YOU." Ponzu says. running her hands through her hair.

"That? That doesn't mean anything though. Back at home where I met her, hugging people and pecking their cheek was just a way of greeting someone." He says, cocking his head to the side.

Ponzu releases a long sigh. "Okay, then what about her face going beet read when you said she 'aged well'" Ponzu points out, making air quotes with her hands. 

"She did? Well, wasn't it just because she was embarrassed?" He asks, still completely innocent.

"'O-oh Gon well you l-look very good toooo'" Ponzu mimics, emphasizing the stutters.

This causes Gon to giggle. "She was just complimenting me!" He says while waving his hands dismissively.

"Gon, this is why you're never going to get a significant other. You literally cannot take hints to save a life." Ponzu says, eyes have lidded out of boredom.

"Apparently I can't save a life period." Gon mumbles under his breath looking away.

Ponzu tenses up. "Gon...I heard that. What do you mean." She says, not asking to know but demanding.

Gon's eyes go wide as he whips his head back at Ponzu and waves both hands in front of his face. "U-uh nothing! Y-you weren't supposed to hear that sorry!" He says chuckling sheepishly.

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