Chapter 11

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Everything.....was a blur.....

The only thing I could remember were the faint distant screeches of countless sirens.... name...

my name being shouted.....they....whoever shouted it....sounded so distressed....

I'm sorry..... I didn't mean to make you worry....please forgive me....





"PLEASE...PLEASE TELL ME HE'LL BE OK-! PLEASE..." The orange haired woman shouted while trying to keep up with the nurse wheeling the stretcher that currently had Gon's unconscious body lying on top of it.

"Ma'am please move back. Your nephew was stabbed in a vital spot. We'll try to do everything we can to save him but we can't promise you anything."

The orange haired woman eventually slowed down, then stopped walking completely. Tears streaming like waterfalls down her dull cheeks, she clenched her fists and mumbled to herself, " would get us both out said you would never break a promise to me, why...?" She looked straight down, seeing the tear drops fall and crash on her boney feet.

She suddenly felt a hand on her back, rubbing circles in a comforting manner.

she quickly looked back and saw a tall handsome gentleman with shoulder length straight shiny blonde hair giving her a reassuring smile.

"He'll make it, Mito. I promise. Your neph- son, is a very very strong boy. Just think about all the things he survived for you two, some silly knife will only be a scratch." The blonde male reassured the skinny woman.

To this she returned the warm smile, and responded "Thank you sweetheart." with a slightly raspy voice due to all the shouting she's been doing.

"Anytime." He finished, then walked away.

As soon as he was a far enough distance from everybody, he himself had a break down. Kurapika, the most chill un-phased person you'll ever meet, broke down.

"why....out of all people.....why Gon? Why was he cursed with the worst luck? He's the sweetest boy I've ever met...! He doesn't deserve this..."

"He doesn't..."

Kurapika quickly snaps his head up to the direction the voice came from.


Leorio smiles at him. "Hey."

"Sorry you weren't supposed to hear all that...." Kurapika says, standing up and wiping the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Its ok to show emotions sometimes Pika.... I feel the same. Gon's a really great kid, and I can't believe I was clueless this whole time...!" Leorio punches the wall infront of him. "Dammit! If only I'd known sooner...! I could've helped! Helped..." He yells, then sighs.

"Leorio..." Kurapika says. "The only person that could have saved Gon was himself. Us intervening would have only put him in more danger. Trust me, i felt the same at first. Until i heard it from Gon himself.." he smiled. "So, after all this, Gon will make it. I know he will."

Leorio looked at Kurapika with glassy eyes. "Wow. You really loved that kid."

Kurapika chuckled, "if only you knew.." he said. "That little ball of sunshine stopped me from k1ll1ng myself at one point. After that, i swore on my life that i would protect him by all means possible."

Leorio was at a loss for words.

"Oh- i- didnt know.."

Kurapika grabbed Leorios hand and pecked him on the cheek.

"He's going to make it. I swear."

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