Chapter 2

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-Killuas POV- 

I continue to follow Gon back to wherever he stays. I want to see what goes on at home and if Gon is really the boy that everyone knows and loves.

 'I wonder where those bruises came from... who gave them to him? Does he wear makeup to cover up other marks that he has? Why do I care so much-' 

All of a sudden my thoughts are interrupted when I notice Gon shivering.


I can't see his face from this angle so I'm not sure why he's shaking. I decide to jump on the building he's walking next to so I can see his face without him noticing me. 

He looks so scared, so vulnerable,

So huggable. 

The look on his face makes me very tempted to just squeeze the fuck out of him saying its going to be okay, even though I don't even know this boy.

 He's looking straight down, taking wobbly steps up some hill I've never noticed until now. I decide to go ahead of him to see what's making him hesitate so much.

I jump off the little corner store I'm on and I silently run up the hill. I reach the top and all I see is this really average looking country house. 

Is this where he lives?

The house looks really shady with almost all the sun light being covered by draping tree's. But besides that the house is pretty average looking. 

I hide on a tree as I wait for him to make his way up the hill.

I wait for a minute, then go back to check on him.

I see Gon just standing there staring ahead. Then suddenly he starts to turn away slowly, and looks like he's trying to make a run for it. And then, all of a sudden-


I was startled and quickly turned to face the direction the raspy and unsettling voice came from. 

I see an older man standing at the door, he doesn't look remotely related to Gon.

He had short dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. HE was about 6'1 from what I can tell. He didn't resemble Gon at all.

I look back at Gon, I feel my heart drop.

Why's he look so damn scared? What threat does this man pose?


I observed that Gon Hearing those words triggers something in him. He reluctantly walks up the hill to the suspicious man.

What the fuck is going on right now... this really isn't any of my business. 

The man drags Gon inside and closes the door behind him.

I was stuck between the idea of running and not butting into a complete strangers personal life, orrr- 

Be a nosy fuck and sneak into that house.

Me being who I am, eventually end up sneaking into that house. 

I climb through the kitchen window and slowly make my way to where I hear all the commotion. 

I slowly and silently make my way down the steps...





*Hey guys. anyways, bye guys. lol um I'm going to maybe finish this series idk I just started making this for fun but yeah idk. Anyways, sorry Illumi is having another bad hair day so I gotta go braid his hair for him. Byeeeee~*

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