3rd Place Stories

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Below are the stories which have been voted into 3rd place in the awards. Congratulations to all!

Famous Larry Stories:

 Half A Heart by Britt1D4Life

Popular Larry Stories:

Dangerous by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Larry Stories:

The Things About Alarm Clocks by completelyinsanee

Enigmatic Larry Stories:

Lipstick Love by LarryxxIsxxLove

Undiscovered Larry Stories:

Pretty Boy by StrongxLarry

Popular Niam Stories:

Big Brother by SugaryNightmares

Undiscovered Niam Stories:

Super Human by Weshipbecausewelove

Zouis Stories:

Stand By Me by Planetziall

Popular Ziall Stories:

Smile by zarrycupcake

Undiscovered Ziall Stories:

High by -mullingaar

One Shots:

While We're Here by MIAzarrySSShipper

One Shot Collections:

Larry Stylinson One-Shots by cheyannaa14

Popular Narry Stories:

Picked by louisbacon

Up and Coming Narry Stories:

Records by shipments

Undiscovered Narry Stories:

A Million Miles Away by WriteIdea

Lirry Stories:

They Don't Know ABout Us by ConWeCallLove


Skinny Love by nathankayde

Lilo Stories:

Stranded by intoyour_arms

Popular Ziam Stories:

Eat by ZaynJPayne

Undiscovered Ziam Stories:

Tweet Me Sexy Pictures by LovelyDinosaurs

Popular Multiple Bromances:

Control by intoyour_arms

Undiscovered Multiple Bromances:

A Secret Affair by ZaynieUnderYou

Nouis Stories:

Love Will Find A Way by HiAndOops and ZarrysWhoreo

Zarry Stories:

It's Not Right by zarryslovebites

Popular Lashton Stories:

pink by FloatingWhalePajamas

Up and Coming Lashton Stories:

pain by psychomuke

Undiscovered Lashton Stories:

The aftermath by FiftyShadesOfStyles

Muke Stories:

Ballerina Boy by quantum-fags

Cake Stories:

A Match Into Water by ayeelarry

Cashton Stories:

Hidden Identity by mukeymouse

Malum Stories:

Stranger by GiraffeLegsLuke

Mashton Stories:

fear of the dark by quantum-fags

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