Special Awards - Nominees

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These stories have been chosen by a group of people in real life, including myself. We pick and agree upon the final nominations for each category of the Special Awards. These are not voted on by the readers, they are only picked by the panel mentioned previously. Here are our nominations, in no particular order, for each category of the 2014 Holiday Special Awards.


Sinister Payback by StrongxLarry

A Hero's Villain by cupcake_bears

motherless child by headhunters

I'm Not Crazy by louisbacon

Awkward by hotteas

The Boy With The Crush by Larry_Lashton

The aftermath by FiftyShadesOfStyles

Notes by hearthemmo


Eccedentesiast by cheesyniall

Married To A Larry Shipper by LouAndI_Larry

The Boy Who Cried Suicide by Larry_Lashton

Nunc Ergo Amare Liceat by nerdylou

Astriction by tryptopatz

How to Act Gay by zarrycupcake

Good Boys Wear Blazers by JeddieJay

A Match Into Water by ayeelarry


Shattered by nerdylou

Freed From Darkness by lovetoread9876

Perfect Little Angel by NiamAlmighty

Rejects by XxForever_ZiallxX

Key To His Heart by Niallsluckyluver

We're on Fire by zarrycupcake

Drawn Out Dreams by 1DreamTeam

Stranger by GiraffeLegsLuke

Results for the Special Awards will be posted at the very end of the Holiday Awards, after the regular winners. Please keep in mind that these are not to be voted on; they are selected separately. A fourth category will be added at the end to showcase the three stories who obtain the highest number of votes throughout all rounds of the 2014 Holiday Awards.

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