How It Works

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Hello, and welcome to the Bromance Awards!

To nominate a story, please send me a message with the story's ttiie, author, a link to the story, and the descripton to be used in the voting process. Please include the category under which you feel the story belongs. The complete list of categories can be found on my profile.

Here's how it works:

There is a separate chapter for each different category. In each chapter, you will find listed the stories that are currenty still in the competition. Each will show the story name, author name, and description.

Voting is done using the comments on each chapter. Please comment the name and author of the story you wish to vote for. Note that in-line comments do not show up on the desktop version of the site and do not count toward vote totals unless the story's title is included in the comment. You can vote for however many stories in that category you're allowed to vote for during that session. The number of votes allowed for that session will be written at the beginning of each chapter for your convenience. You are not allowed to place multiple votes in the same category during the final round.

At the end of the session, I will be counting the votes for each story and the story/stories with the least votes will be removed from the awards. I will add a results chapter, which will hold all the stories that were removed from the awards at the end of the previous session. The stories which are not on the list will move on to the next round.

You may not vote for the same story mutliple times in a single voting session. You are always allowed to place a vote for your own story.

NOTE: Special Awards cannot be voted on. Nominees and winners are chosen by a group of people in real life. Nominees for the special awards, other than Most Voted For, will be posted at the same time as the final round, and the final rankings will be posted with the results of the final round of voting.

Happy voting, and good luck in the Bromance Awards! If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me.

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