Special Awards

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The following awards were given to stories selected and discussed by a group of real people outside of Wattpad. These were not voted on and are not limited to a specific bromance. Congratulations to the winners of the Special Awards, and all the runners-up and honorable mentions! Keep in mind that the honorable mentions are in no specific order.

BEST COVER - Sinister Payback by StrongxLarry

Runner-Ups - I'm Not Crazy by louisbacon / Awkward by hotteas

Honorable Mentions:

The aftermath by FiftyShadesOfStyles

The Boy With The Crush by Larry_Lashton

motherless child by headhunters

A Hero's Villain by cupcake_bears

notes by hearthemmo

MOST CREATIVE TITLE - The Boy Who Cried Suicide by Larry_Lashton

Runner-Ups - Good Boys Wear Blazers by JeddieJay / Eccedentesiast by cheesyniall

Honorable Mentions:

Married To A Larry Shipper by LouAndI_Larry

A Match Into Water by ayeelarry

How To Act Gay by zarrycupcake

Astriction by tryptopatz

Nunc Ergo Amare Liceat by nerdylou

MOST INTRIGUING DESCRIPTION - Drawn Out Dreams by 1Dreamteam

Runner-Ups - We're on Fire by zarrycupcake / Perfect Little Angel by NiamAlmighty

Honorable Mentions:

Key To His Heart by Niallsluckyluver

Shattered by nerdylou

Stranger by GiraffeLegsLuke

Freed From Darkness by lovetoread9876

Rejects by XxForever_ZiallxX

MOST VOTED FOR - mute. by michaels_cheezburger (490 votes)

2nd Most Voted For - i sleep naked by uniquelyxlarry (467 votes)

3rd Most Voted For - Baby Luca by zmelec (389 votes)

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