1st Place Stories

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Below are all stories that have earned first place in the awards. Congratulations!

These are the stories that you have voted to be the best in their categories. These all deserve reads, votes, and feedback to help their authors continue to write stories you will love.

I will personally be voting on each chapter of these stories and possibly be doing some promotion until the nomination period for the next awards has ended. I would like to thank the authors for being so wonderful and writing great stories such as these for the rest of us to read.

Famous Larry Stories:

i sleep naked by uniquelyxlarry

Popular Larry Stories:

9pm Bruises by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Larry Stories:

The Boy Who Cried Suicide by Larry_Lashton

Enigmatic Larry Stories:

Eating Sex by LouisTwinklinson

Undiscovered Larry Stories:

Home by myanchormyrope

Popular Niam Stories:

daddy's little princess by niamsmuffin

Undiscovered Niam Stories:

Forgotten by Kjmonkey

Zouis Stories:

Oops? by sweetxXxdreams

Popular Ziall Stories:

Riptide by zmelec

Undiscovered Ziall Stories:

bed of lies by ziallmoans

One Shots:

Nunc Ergo Amare Liceat by nerdylou

One Shot Collections:

1D Bromance One Shots by -stylan-

Popular Narry Stories:

Shiver by ConWeCallLove

Up and Coming Narry Stories:

Awkward by hotteas

Undiscovered Narry Stories:

Comic Book Hero by Anonymous43

Lirry Stories:

Alive by zarrycupcake


My Robot Boyfriend by -frustration

Lilo Stories:

How to Act Gay by zarrycupcake

Popular Ziam Stories:

Three and Counting by zmelec

Undiscovered Ziam Stories:

paint by IveGotThatZap

Popular Multiple Bromances:

Good Boys Wear Blazers by JeddieJay

Undiscovered Multiple Bromances:

The Freshman Submissive by ZaynJPayne

Nouis Stories:

Symbol by FawnCat

Zarry Stories:

Baby Luca by zmelec

Popular Lashton Stories:

Rags Meets Riches by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Lashton Stories:

sex by theriots

Undiscovered Lashton Stories:

Mermaids by pigletmichael

Muke Stories:

mute. by michaels_cheezburger

Cake Stories:

Apocalyptic by calumcuddler

Cashton Stories:

Bus Stop by lashtonvevo

Malum Stories:

collaboration by skittlesmalum

Mashton Stories:

Cherry Lip Balm by Larry_Lashton

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