2nd Place Stories

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Below are the stories which have been voted into 2nd place in the awards. Congratulations to all!

Famous Larry Stories:

 Cupcake by Larry_Lashton

Popular Larry Stories:

Married To A Larry Shipper by LouAndI_Larry

Up and Coming Larry Stories:

Submissive by delerioustyles

Enigmatic Larry Stories:

Adam and Eve by LouisTwinklinson

Undiscovered Larry Stories:

A Hero's Villain by cupcake_bears and SS_Larry98

Popular Niam Stories:

Without You by niamsmuffin

Undiscovered Niam Stories:

The Band Baby by IHaveNiamFeels

Zouis Stories:

Assassin After My Heart by zarrycupcake

Popular Ziall Stories:

Urban Ink by Anonymous43

Undiscovered Ziall Stories:

motherless child by headhunters

One Shots:

Run, Forrest, Run by youshouldbeproud

One Shot Collections:

Narry One Shots by Xx_MissOneShot_xX

Popular Narry Stories:

This by fadedlines

Up and Coming Narry Stories:

My Hazzy by Narrylovestuff

Undiscovered Narry Stories:

I'm Not Crazy by louisbacon

Lirry Stories:

Pug life by Snakesinapayne


23 Days With Luke Hemmings by stylesplus

Lilo Stories:

Sharing Is Not Caring by headhunters

Popular Ziam Stories:

We're on Fire by zarrycupcake

Undiscovered Ziam Stories:

Twist in my Story by xxZaryxx

Popular Multiple Bromances:

Moan for Me by headhunters

Undiscovered Multiple Bromances:

Something Great by sweetxXxdreams

Nouis Stories:

Once A Mistake, Always A Miracle by queenouis

Zarry Stories:

Drawn Out Dreams by 1Dreamteam

Popular Lashton Stories:

The Boy With The Crush by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Lashton Stories:

the cutting room by irwincouture

Undiscovered Lashton Stories:

Wrists by pxnkidiots

Muke Stories:

blind by michaelsvans

Cake Stories:

Close As Strangers by luminescxnt

Cashton Stories:

gay bar by 5secondsofjenna

Malum Stories:

notepad by jaack_barakat

Mashton Stories:

bleach by bipolarality

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