Results - Qualifying Round

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Below are the stories which have received the fewest votes in this round and will not be moving on to the following rounds of the awards. If your story is not listed here, you are moving on to the next round of voting. Congratulations!

Famous Larry Stories:

D-D-D-Did I Stutter? by youshouldbeproud

Nerd With a Secret by PeasantIShipLarry and horuhn

Popular Larry Stories:

Ghost Of You by jennmuniz

Freed From Darkness by lovetoread9876

Caught by amourlouis

Invisible by Larrys_Girl

Shattered by nerdylou

Up and Coming Larry Stories:

What He Did... by LovelyDinosaurs

Maybe It Was Meant To Happen by bestwriterever8

Sinister Payback by StrongxLarry

Enigmatic Larry Stories:

What If... by LovelyDinosaurs

Three Crazy Weeks With You by Kjmonkey

All star, but so far by FiftyShadesOfStyles

Drawn by Larrysfool

Undiscovered Larry Stories:

Love me again by No1bullshipper

Lost by iloveliam1234

Dissonant Duo by Niallerismine0913

Inseparable by sha_amztastic

The Truth About E And D by cheyannaa14

Two AM Coffee Trips by SweaterWeather24

Sunrise by AriellEmma

Learn To Forget by bluefindsgreen

10 Reasons I Can't by RevolveAroundLarry

10 Dreams Of You by RevolveAroundLarry

Pink Icing by Larry_In_Paris

Extraterrestrial by Larry_In_Paris

Popular Niam Stories:

mine by niamsmuffin

Now You See Me by LarrehNeeyum

Undiscovered Niam Stories:

Disco Sucks by haynepains

Zouis Stories:

Royals by RosaStylik

Popular Ziall Stories:

Insomnia by FreshPrinceOfIreland

d.i.l.f. by howfantastic

Undsicovered Ziall Stories:

Our Lovely Down Pour by lxrrys_unicorn

Rejects by XxForever_ZiallxX

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