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Below are the stories which have received the fewest votes in this round and will not be moving on to the following rounds of the awards. If your story is not listed here, you are moving on to the next round of voting. Congratulations!

Famous Larry Stories:

Big Baby by stylinkink

Detention by TrulyMadlyLarry

Popular Larry Stories:

Catfish by amourlouis

Switching Styles by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Larry Stories:

Eccedentesiast by cheesyniall

Selenophobia by JazzMalik1D

Enigmatic Larry Stories:

Don't Touch Me by LouisTwinklinson

speed dating by avengerszayn

Undiscovered Larry Stories:

Would You Rather? by The_Bromance_Library

5 Obsessions by RevolveAroundLarry

Popular Niam Stories:

Two Broken Pieces by niallersgirl139

Starting Again by MissFandomKween

Undiscovered Niam Stories:

Homeless Item by IHaveNiamFeels

Perfect Little Angel by NiamAlmighty

Zouis Stories:

Mute by zouisxcstasy

Don't Let the Colors Fade by HunterMay18 and nerdylou

Popular Ziall Stories:

my everything by ziallmoans

Save Me From The Monsters by Anonymous43

Undiscovered Ziall Stories:

The Search by JazzMalik1D

This Love by XxForever_ZiallxX

One Shots:

The Scientist by youshouldbeproud

Kiss It Better by IrishDreamx

One Shot Collections:

Skins by tryptopatz

lashton short scary stories by irwincouture

Popular Narry Stories:

Nerd Alert! by zarrycupcake

Room 22A by karmasucks

Up and Coming Narry Stories:

Faking Love by hotteas

Body by hotteas

Undiscovered Narry Stories:

Insane by GhostNiall

Key To His Heart by Niallsluckyluver

Lirry Stories:

Pink Means Positive by ConWeCallLove

Happily by ConWeCallLove and Tia_The_Dreamer


give me all your attention by Jiall_love

The Man Next Door by kixmic

Lilo Stories:

Tutu's & Tattoo's by ScarlettSmiles_

Arranged Marriage by AngelOfDeath1

Popular Ziam Stories:

Malik For Student Body President by Anonymous43

Competing with Daddy by headhunters

Undiscovered Ziam Stories:

You Are What You Eat by alt-ziam

Smile by bluemoonlou

Popular Multiple Bromances:

Didn't Mean It by RosaStylik

My Brother's Keeper by zeeknd-

Undiscovered Multiple Bromances:

Build A Boyfriend by eskimuke

Home Run by intoyour_arms

Nouis Stories:

Inside The Mind Of A Beautiful Monster by Cats_Of_Humanity

The flight of my life by Tommo_88

Zarry Stories:

Fix You by lavaalampss

Man on Fire by JazzMalik1D

Popular Lashton Stories:

Let Me Just Double Check by Larry_Lashton

Color of Love by Larry_Lashton

Up and Coming Lashton Stories:

dreams by irwincouture

My Fake Boyfriend by youthfullashton

Undiscovered Lashton Stories:

On Top by gayies

DNA by FiftyShadesOfStyles

Muke Stories:

Drowning in Lies by Larry_Lashton

Killer by WriteDrunk

Cake Stories:

Stay Close, Don't Go by ziallhasmagic

Mario and Luigi by RockingSummer

Cashton Stories:

Just For the Summer by ashdumb

Letters to You by WriteDrunk

Malum Stories:

suddenly by skittlesmalum

Reaction by Louisgirl_228

Mashton Stories:

Bloodstream by eskimuke

Bring you Back. by HayleyKelly3

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