The Moonstone

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When I finished coughing I caught my breath and the werewolves ran towards the den. I ran to catch up with Wyatt and found myself running at an inhuman speed. I caught up to him super fast and grabbed his wrist. He stopped and turned to me with a questioning look " I have an idea, follow me" I told him, and began running to my house

We arrived after about five minutes and I wasn't even out of breath. I turned to him with a smile on my face " That's exhilarating" I laughed. He nodded " I love running through the woods at sunset without the pack, and then watching the sun go down. It's so peaceful" He sighed

I smiled at him and grabbed my house key from my back pocket. We walked into my house and he looked around " What are we doing here?" He asked, and I tilted my head towards the stairs, running up them. I got to my room and grabbed a box from under my bed, setting it on my desk and opening it

It was my literal money box. It was a box filled with money " Where did you get all this money?" Wyatt asked, and I laughed " Oh, you know, small jobs every now and then, anyway, I was thinking we could use some of this to buy pillows and blankets for the pack, maybe it'll make them feel better. Or as good as they can in this situation"

He didn't say anything, he just looked at me with a smile. I tilted my head at him " What? Do I have something in my teeth?" I asked. He just laughed and grabbed my hands " No, no, I'm smiling because you already are an amazing Alpha"

I looked down, blushing and shook my head " No I'm not" He made me look up and put his hand on my cheek " You truly are, Snowflake, don't ever doubt yourself, got that?" He asked in a whisper. I nodded and looked into his eyes. His beautiful eyes

I quickly stepped back, suddenly feeling awkward, and grabbed $100 from my box " Um, come on, let's buy these blankets and pillows" He nodded and we made our way to the store. After we bought $100 worth of pillows and blankets we headed back to the den. Me, Wyatt, and Willa passed them out to everyone, trying to help

It was around 5:00ish, and it was still light outside. I knew I had to tell my dad about me being the great Alpha, but I don't know how he would take the news, so I wanted to invite Wyatt along as well. He was singing a little pup to sleep, while stroking their hair, and I just stared at him, seeing how absolutely adorable that sight is

When the pup fell asleep he finally looked up and noticed I was there. He carefully left the pup's cave and walked up to me " Something wrong, Snowflake?" He asked. I sighed, looking around the den " Would you mind coming with me to tell my father I'm a werewolf? I am kind of dreading his reaction"

He nodded "Of course" I smiled at him and we told Willa where we were going, and told her it wouldn't be for too long. Wyatt and I made our way to my house, and my dad's car was there, so I gulped. Wyatt put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it " You'll be fine"

I nodded and we walked inside to see my dad sitting watching TV " Hey dad, I'm home" I greeted "Hey stranger" He smiled, turning around to see me. His expression changed when he saw me. I looked back at Wyatt with a scared look as my dad walked towards me. He looked as if he was frightened by my new look

"It happened, didn't it?" Dad asked me. I bit my lip and nodded, avoiding eye contact with me "Gosh, you look so much like your mother" He smiled, as his eyes filled with tears "W-what?" I stuttered "I guess this is a good time to tell you the truth, honey. Your mother was a werewolf as well. She left the pack, so she could marry me, and start a family. When she passed I was devastated, but you were there, reminding me of why I had to go on. To raise you. And now look at the amazing young woman you've grown to be. She would be so proud of you right now" He smiled

"I love you so much, Dad" I smiled, tears welling up in my eyes, before wrapping him in a hug. He hugged me back, ten times as hard, before pulling back "Now, go save your pack!" He told me, pointing to the woods. I smiled and nodded, saying bye before grabbing Wyatt's hand and running towards the den

When we arrived, Wyatt held onto my hand, smiling at me, making me blush. I could get used to the spark there is when we touch. I smiled back at him, showing my newly grown fangs. He signalled for us to walk into the den, which we did. I let go of his hand and rushed over to the pups, tucking them into their beds

When they finally fell asleep, I walked over and saw Wyatt and Willa talking to Zed "Yeah, but what are we now, Zombie?" Wyatt asked, glancing over at me as I joined the conversation "You're fierce, proud werewolves!" "Yeah, well they think we're monsters" Willa growled. Zed smiled "We are monsters" Wyatt looked from Willa to me, and we all smiled at Zed and nodded.

Willa grabbed my hand and ran into her cave of the den "I've got a perfect dress for you" She smiled "You do?" She looked down "I like designing clothing in my free time. Now come on, try it on" She sent me to change (Outfit and hair at the top ^^^^) and Wynter did my hair

When we emerged from their caves, I saw Wyatt, standing there in a wolfed out tuxedo, his hands behind his back. He smiled at me, and motioned for me to come to him. I walked over to him, feeling nervous all of a sudden. He pulled something out from behind his back and held it out to me. It was a beautiful flower "Ipomoea alba, or Moon flower as we call it" He handed it to me

I bit my lip, my fangs poking it a bit, something I will have to get used to, and I took the flower from him

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I bit my lip, my fangs poking it a bit, something I will have to get used to, and I took the flower from him. It smelled like candy, and I sighed happily. He laughed at my reaction and grabbed my hand, leading us to follow the rest of the pack, including the zombies as well. We were going to crash that Prawn

We walked up to the entrance, and stood in front of Bucky. I crossed my arms as Bucky spoke "You guys can't be here, there are laws against this" "Well bad laws are meant to be broken" Zed shrugged "And monsters don't follow the rules" Eliza smirked, fist bumping Zed "Zombies are a part of Seabrook Bucky, and we deserve to be here"

"We're apart of Seabrook too. The originals in fact" Wyatt's eyes glowed, and Willa nodded. Bucky turned to look at the Z-alarm "Someone's gotta stop you" He went to pull the lever, until Willa growled at him, making him flinch away "Welcome to Prawn" Bucky muttered, walking away

When he did Willa started coughing, making Wyatt and I run up to her, and nod as we walked into the place. It looked just as I dreamed. Wyatt grabbed my hands as a slow song came on "Do you, maybe, uh, want to, um, dance with me?" He asked, sort of flinching to hear an answer

I giggled "Of course" He led me out onto the dance floor, wrapping his arms around my waist, as I put mine around his shoulders. We swayed for a bit, just looking into each other's eyes "Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?" He asked "Thank you. You look...beautiful...too..." I narrowed my eyes at my strange statement

He chuckled at me, before spinning me, and then pulling me back into his chest. I laid my head on his shoulder, before the ground started shaking. Wyatt and I jumped apart, rushing to see what was happening

Ugh I always thought Prawn would have a better ending...

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