Flesh & Bone

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I woke up the next day wondering if last night was a dream. I rubbed my eyes and walked over to my vanity and fixed my hair, like the werewolves had, and changed into my werewolf outfit, loving the new look

I walked downstairs to see dad eating breakfast " Hey dad" I smiled. He looked up at me and smiled " I always knew you would break free from Seabrook's perfection, sweetheart. I love your new look"

" Thanks, I've befriended the werewolves" I said, getting some cereal and sitting beside him at the table " I just don't want you getting hurt" He nudged me " You look like a punk rocker but the way" He laughed. I put my bowl into the sink and turned to him, flipping my hair, making him laugh " What are you talking about, I am a punk rocker" I said in a weird voice, then burst into giggles

I picked up my bag and waved before walking out the door and meeting Addie in front of the school. Addie and I walked through the school and people kept commenting on our new look

" Whoa, bad hair day?" Lacey asked " Bad hair life?" Stacey added. I ran my fingers through my hair " We think it looks great" Addie stated " Yeah, not so much" JC said, and they all snapped at us " If you two expect to be cheer captain-" "Maybe we don't. Maybe cheer isn't for us after all" I said, cutting Lacey off. They all gasped and walked away

I just bumped Addie before walking away and putting my bag in my locker and going to find the werewolves " It's a good plan Willa" I heard Wyatt say, and I followed his voice
" What plan?" I heard Addie ask as I showed up " We're going after the moonstone. Top secret, we can't tell anyone" Wynter said, before gasping and putting her fists to her head " Bad wolf, bad wolf"

" You're going after the moonstone now?" I asked, walking up to Wyatt " It won't survive the detonation" He told us " Then let us help you. I'm ready to become a wolf" Addie said, making me stare at the ground, knowing that she was one, not me

She took out the box and opened it up " It's gone" She whispered. I looked up at her, shocked " Addie, I gave it to you just so you wouldn't lose it" I told her "Do you know how precious a moonstone necklace is? If she was serious about being a wolf, if she was the great Alpha, she wouldn't have been so careless. Stay out of our amazing hair" She growled, walking away

Wyatt began to walk away as well, but held eye contact with me until he walked out of the door. I turned to Addie " Do you know how important that was to me? Addie, I thought I'd finally belong somewhere, even though I'm almost certain it wouldn't be me, at least I had some hope. Now that tiny sliver of hope is lost, and I doubt Wyatt is gonna be allowed to talk to me anymore" A tear slid down my cheek and I walked away

I was sitting in the cheer room, thinking when I heard the Z-alarm to off. The Z-alarm? 'Attention, Attention, monster activity at Seabrook power' The werewolves! I thought, running to Seabrook power

As I was running I heard someone call my name. I turned around to see Addie "Nat I'm really sorry that I lost the necklace, but we need your help to stop the demolition. Can you forgive me?" She asked. I smiled and nodded, pulling her into a hug

" Let's go stop this demolition" I said as Addie called over everyone she gathered and we ran towards the demolition site " No!" I yelled, walking through the smoke as Mr Wells and Mr Necrodopolis looked to see me " Natalie?"

" The world has gone crazy, and no one seems to listen. Gotta step in, no more maybes and stop the demolition, is it hope it fear, look in the mirror, everything we built is coming down" I sung, protesting with the Z-team

" No more hesitation it's time we start to realize, with all this separation the silence is still taking sides, so use your voice, make a choice and tell me are you standing with the crowd" Eliza sang, protesting with the zombies

I made eye contact with Wyatt and smirked before continuing " O-o-o-oh, this is a declaration, O-o-o-oh, of a new generation it's now or never" I turned to see Wynter yelling happily " We're in this together, we'll fight through the highs and the lows, no we won't break we're more than flesh and bone"

" A-a-a-ay we say no more bad blood, no more bad blood, A-a-a-ay, no way, they can't stop us, no they can't stop us. A-a-a-ay we say no more bad blood, no more bad blood, A-a-a-ay, no way, they can't stop us, no they can't stop us" We all sang, before Zed decided to take over

" History changes, but we lost the pages we wrote. When you lose direction, can't see the reflection you know. We came from the bottom, then became the problem, now everything's out of control. So, hey, are you with me? Let's go!" He yelled, calling everyone to join the protest, giving me a fist bump before we continued " O-o-o-oh, this is a declaration, O-o-o-oh, of a new generation. It's now or never we're in this together, we'll fight through the highs and the lows," The wolves started cheering " No we won't break we're more than flesh and bone"

Zed walked up to his father " You have to stop the demolition, Dad. I know how hard you worked to get this job, but if it's gonna hurt the werewolves, you have to stop it" We all nodded and so did Mr Necrodopolis " You're right. And Natalie and Addison are right. Shut it down. Stop the detonation" He told the workers "Tomorrow, when it's safe, we'll find what you're looking for. But, right now you can all go home" He yelled as the werewolves cheered and got uncuffed

Wyatt ran up to me and spun me around before pulling me into a hug " We did it" he smiled " Yeah, we did" we pulled away and followed Zed and Addie towards the town " We did it. We stopped the demolition" Zed laughed. I looked at Wyatt and smiled, making him smile back, and we burst out laughing for no reason, but quieted when Addie turned to us, saying " He found it!"

I felt something in my chest. To be honest, a part of me didn't want it to be found, because I didn't want to risk finding out if I was a werewolf or not. My thoughts were cancelled when I heard Addie yell " You don't get to make that choice for me"

" But a werewolf?" Zed asked. Addie got angrier "I finally I found where I belong, and you tried to take that from me. And Nat!" She added " Why would I ever go to Prawn with you after what you did?" She turned around and put it on. I saw it glow and my heart dropped. She turned around like she was ready to pounce, but she looked the same

I walked up to Bree " Am I?" Addie asked, and both Bree and I grabbed one of her hands " You're beautiful Addie" Bree said, and I nodded " But the same beautiful you've always been" Her smile dropped, and she looked me in the eyes " Its gotta be you, then! Here" She took the necklace off and handed it to me

I stared at it and took a deep breath and closed my eyes before clipping it around my neck. As soon as I clipped it on the weirdest feeling spread through my body. I felt dizzy, so I kept my eyes closed and I felt fangs grow in my mouth, my nails grow into claws, and my ears grow longer

Suddenly the weird feeling stopped, but I was still dizzy. I slowly opened my eyes and almost fell over, because everything was spinning. Wyatt ran up to me, helping me stand up right " Whoa there"

After about five minutes, everything stopped spinning, and I looked around to see all the werewolves staring at me, shocked. I turned to Wyatt " I-I'm a-" " A werewolf" He smiled, finishing my sentence " You're one of us, I was right"

The werewolves started howling in joy, and I joined in, feeling more alive then I've ever felt before " Oh, my gosh, boss, boss, we have a problem!" One of the workers started freaking out, cutting our howl short " What?" Mr Necrodopolis asked " The remote shorted out and now the detonation timer's running" The worker said " Well turn it off!" " I can't!"

" No, no!" We all ran towards Seabrook power, and we watched it collapse. I gasped " What have they done?" Willa asked. Suddenly I felt that energy was being drawn out of me, and I started coughing. Addie came over to me and started rubbing my back

This is not how I planned tonight to go

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