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I was sitting next to Bonzo, playing crossy road on my phone and listening to music when I saw Bonzo stand up and point to something, making me take my ear buds out and look to where he was pointing

I saw a sign that said 'Addison will you' then another one that said 'Go to the Prawn' Then I saw Addison stand and yell " Zed!" I looked and saw Zed standing in a ladder in the middle of the road

Everyone on the bus started screaming, including me. The bus hit the ladder, and Zed fell on top of the bus, as it started swerving

I was still screaming as the Mighty Shrimp tried to stay on the road, while everyone was trying not to fall out of their seat. Zed slipped off of the roof and was hanging onto the top, while Addison panicked and put her hand on the window

Zed, who was hanging on with one hand on the outside of the bus, put his hand on the window, where Addison's was, before falling off of the bus

I started screaming again when the bus took a turn into the woods that surrounded the road. Stupid shrimp! Who let's a mascot drive a bus, anyway!

When the bus finally stopped Bucky ran out the emergency exit screaming something that I didn't listen to, so I stood up at the same time Addie did, and we both said " Nobody panic"

Addie gasped " Zed!" She ran out of the bus, and I went to follow her. I ran out into the woods, going where I thought I saw Addison go, and I scratched my arm on a tree branch

I winced, holding my arm where I scratched it, until I heard a branch snap behind me. I whipped around, to see someone run passed behind me " Hello?" I called

I saw a lot of people running around me and one of them stepped onto a rock, making eye contact with me, then howling. I gasped, before running out of the forest, towards Seabrook

I walked into my house, seeing that my dad was at work, I took off my jacket and cleaned my cut on my arm. I wrapped a bandage around it, and taped it there

I walked out of my house and towards the zombie town to find Eliza. When I got there I walked into someone " Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry" I apologized, looking up to see a worker from the demolition sight

" That's ok" He smiled. I tilted my head at him " You seem awfully young to be a construction worker"

" Yeah, I get that a lot" He smirked " I'm...um, Alan..." He said suspiciously, as he held out his hand to shake

" Natalie" I nodded, shaking his hand. As soon as my hand touched his I felt a spark jolt through my arm. My eyes widened and I looked straight up into his eyes. His eyes were wide too, and I pulled my hand out of his

I laughed awkwardly and waved as I backed away, going to find Eliza. I saw Eliza through all the chaos, over by Bonzo

" They see one werewolf, and we can't go to Prawn? We have to fight this. Protest. Boycott. Hunger strike!" Eliza suggested, but Bonzo looked at his sandwich " Fine, finish your sandwich, but this is so unfair!"

I ran up to Eliza " Eliza, what's going on?"

" Can't you hear? All anti-monster laws were reinstated. And all because they spotted one werewolf" She scoffed " But that's not fair. You guys aren't the reason for werewolves" I said

" Exactly, now come on Bonzo" She said, leaving me standing there alone

The Next Day
I walked into school and met up with Addie, Zed, and Eliza " Hey guys, what's up?"
" Nothing much. I just wish that we could all go to Prawn together" Addison sighed, and I nodded " Addison" Bucky called from across the hall " Time to nominate me for president"

I rolled my eyes " Cheer could be so much more than pom-poming for Bucky" " Uh, Addison, Natalie" Lacey said, making us turn around to face her and Stacey " Once we're cheer captain you two are so off the team"

" And once we're cheer captain you'll be welcome to stay because we'll be making cheer about coming together" Addison said as I crossed my arms

Stacey scoffed " That was awful trash talk" " I know right" Stacey cackled " You two will never be cheer captains, freaks" " Later guys" I waved as Stacey and Lacey pushed us along

We were in the auditorium, waiting for Bucky to nominate himself for president, but I wasn't listening to Principal Lee. I was zoned out, thinking of that guy yesterday. I mean, what was that shock that ran up my arm?

I was snapped back into reality when I saw Zed flipping through the air, then landing on the stage and pushing Bucky out of the way " My name is Zed, and I am running for president"

Me, Bree, and Addison cheered as Bucky said something about Zed not being able to steal his spotlight " Anyone can run for president, Bucky" " She has a point Mr Bucky" Principal Lee nodded " A zombie president? Eww" The Aceys whined

" Ok, if you vote for me I will bring you prosperity and awesomeness!" Zed yelled, making us cheer louder and start chanting his name " As your president I will make Seabrook a place that embraces zombies and-" " Werewolves!"

Zed laughed " Uh, no, why would we want- WEREWOLVES!" Zed yelled as everyone started screaming and running away. The werewolves came in growling " Football team! Defense Z 24!" Zed yelled

I made eye contact with the boy werewolf and immediately looked away " Where's the moonstone, white hair?" The leader, I assumed, asked " I think you've got the wrong people" I whimpered

" Our claws will gut 'em and splatter their blood" A smaller girl growled, making all of us step back. She looked at the boy and the girl " Too much?" The taller girl shrugged as the boy kept staring at me, like he was in a trance

" Wolves, on my command" The taller girl ordered, her eyes glowing yellow, and the other wolves started growling and snarling at us. This seemed to make the boy snap out of it " Willa, we can't go to war against the whole town. We'll never be able to find the moonstone if they're on high alert" He said

" I hate it when you're right" Willa, I'm assuming, rolled her eyes " Wolves, stand down! Sorry. We wolves so admire your town, and we just came here to join your school" She fake smiled, and so did the other wolves

" What!?" Bucky exclaimed " They can't join our school!" " Technically the forbidden forest is within the school district" The coach shrugged

" So welcome to our school!" Addison and I smiled

I was walking through the hall, and I tripped over something. When I fell and dropped my things I heard the Aceys laughing, meaning they probably tripped me. I rolled my eyes and bent down to pick up my books " Need help?" A voice asked from behind me

I turned my head to see the boy who was staring at me earlier, tilting his head at me. I smiled " If you wouldn't mind" He bent down in front of me and helped me gather my things up " Why are they mean to you?" He asked

I shrugged " My dad told me they bully me because they're jealous that they don't have awesome hair like mine, but my hair is just ugly, that's why I used to cover it up. I'm thinking about doing that again" I said, standing up, and helping him up too. He gave me a pitiful look " Your hair is beautiful. You should never cover it up" I felt my face heat up, and he twirled a strand of my hair around his finger

He smiled revealing his fangs, looking satisfied with making me blush, then I noticed something " Alan?" He let go of the strand and tilted his head like a dog, which is adorable by the way.

Wait what?

" You were that construction worker yesterday, weren't you?" I inquired, and he looked down, scratching the back of his neck " Uh, yeah, but my name isn't Alan, it's Wyatt"

" Why were you in town in the first place?" I asked as we walked down the hallway. He shrugged " Some things I just can't tell you"

His head perked up like he heard something "Um, sorry, I've got to go. See you later" He waved. I waved back and headed to class for the morning

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