We Got This!

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Imagine her hair is long and snow white colored, like the picture above

This is it. Cheer camp. I've always loved cheer camp, but this time we have zombies on our squad. Me and my besties, Addison and Bree ran through the entrance of the camp and we stopped, looking around

" Cheer camp. It's even more sparkly than I dreamed" Bree squealed as her and Addison ran inside

I took a deep breath and looked around. I looked at the forest that was beside the camp and I could've sworn I saw a blur running in them, and I felt that I was being watched, but I shrugged off the feeling and walked around to the back of the building

" Split up" Bucky called, and we separated as he flipped through the crowd. Everyone clapped and cheered for him and he started talking " You've all heard the stories of the bloodthirsty monsters that roam these woods feasting on innocent cheerleaders"

Suddenly the Aceys popped up, saying " Boo!" and scaring Bree and Bonzo in to hugging each other

" Well, those stories are just silly make believe. But you'd better believe that we are gonna break you down and build you back up into peppy little cheer machines, like...Lacey..." He announced as she waved and stepped up next to him " Stacey..." She did a little cheer move as everyone clapped " And, out most recent Acey, JC" JC did a flip and waved, then turned to Bucky " I'm Kevin"

Bucky's smile dropped and JC's eyes widened " Oh, right, we changed my name to JC, which I love by the way" He nodded and walked to the other Aceys

" Long live the Aceys!" Bucky said "You three take the veterans, you're the A-team. Addison, Bree, Natalie, you take the newbies. You're the, uh, the Z-team" Bucky said as the Aceys handed us jerseys for our team

" Zombies, this is obviously your first cheer camp, and I'm not anti-change, I'm just pro keeping things the way they are, because you don't mess with success" Bucky laughed " This week the veterans and the newbies will compete for the Cheer Camp Cup to see who is more cheertastic! The veterans have always won the Cheer Camp Cup. Right Aceys?"

I turned to them and they all yelled " Right" " We'll see about that" I said, and Bree and Addison nodded "To the cheer course!" Bucky yelled as the Aceys strutted passed us " Watch and learn snowballs"

I rolled my eyes. They have been calling me and Addison that since we revealed our snow white colored hair to Seabrook

" Addison, get those pom-poms pumping" Bucky yelled, and she turned to us "Let's show 'am that we got this"

3rd person POV
The team all agreed and headed towards the cheer course " We're back here on the scene and everyone's together" Addison sang as we did our cheer routine

" With zombies on the team it's better than ever, better than ever" Nat sung, doing a back hand spring, and landing beside Addison

" Those moves won't get the gold" Bucky shook his head " Green hair is so whatever" The Aceys rolled their eyes

" Well, you'll never break the mold, cause we're better than ever, better than ever" A-team harmonized as Bucky flipped

" Tearing down the power plant, you're welcome Seabrook I'm your man. To build a place where everyone can cheer, we're making zombie kind cool, not feared" Zed brushed his shoulder off as he and Eliza walked through the power plant

" Making progress, that sounds great, but what's the price we have to pay" Eliza asked

Zed put his arm around Eliza's shoulder "Ready for a new day, ready for a change, people, zombies, everybody say"

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