Where Do I Belong?

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I met up with Addie and we discussed our plan for cheer practice today. When the time finally came I blew the whistle, making everyone line up " We are so fired up to be running cheer practice today" She smiled, and I nodded

" Together, we can do anything" I smiled. Everyone looked a bit nervous and Bree pointed behind us, making us turn around. When we did we saw the werewolves sitting in the bleachers, staring at me and Addie " Sorry, this practice space is for cheerleaders only" she said

" Ha! Just try and get us to leave" Wynter said, standing up " Wynter" Wyatt warned " Some respect" I shook my head " We don't want you to leave, we want you to stay. Show us what you can do" I smirked

All the werewolves looked at each other and Addie spoke up " The cheer team is for everyone" They all came down from the bleachers and stood somewhat in position. I looked at Addie and nodded, counting off silently before we yelled " 5 , 6, 7, 8!" Wyatt was standing beside me, watching as I did our routine

He started getting into the rhythm, doing the werewolf version of our routine. I swung my arm out to the side and he grabbed my wrist and crawled under it, standing up on the other side of me

I smiled at him and nodded as we ran over and put my hand on the middle of a group of cheerleaders and werewolves, and they all put their hands in too. When we lifted our hands up, the wolves howled, happily

Me and Wyatt high-fived and I felt that spark go through my hands again, but ignored it and continued to cheer, the end of the cheer was nearing, and I got lifted up into the air

We finished the cheer, and Wyatt, who was helping hold me up caught me, setting me down and pulling me into a hug, while we laughed. That shock feeling surged through me as we hugged, and it felt awesome

We pulled away and me and Addie fist bumped each other " That was awesome!" I laughed " You guys are all natural cheerleaders" I turned to Wyatt "We wolves work well together" He said, and I looked at him curiously

" But I'm not a wolf" I told him. He smirked, humming and raising his eyebrows, making my face heat up again. I heard coughing and my head snapped in Wynter's direction, who was coughing and her eyes were glowing like when they wolf out

I ran over to her and rubbed her back as she coughed. When she finished coughing I helped her stand back up and I ran to grab her some water. When I got back I handed it to Wynter, who thanked me, and everyone started clapping

I stood up to see what was going on and Addie ran up to me grabbing my hands " We're gonna be Co-captains!" She squealed. I turned to see Wyatt giving me a thumbs up, and then continuing to clap

" I was thinking the team could move beyond trophies and we could start an out reach program-" I started, but was cut off by Bucky " Whoa, whoa, cheer is what I say cheer's about. And I say it's about winning" He said, then walked off, as Addie went to talk to Bree

I looked down, and Wyatt stepped forward, grabbing my hand, making me look up at him " You are a leader, Natalie. But of something a lot greater than cheer" He told me. I looked down at our hands, then back into his eyes, and I smiled

I felt the shock run through my hand, and let go of his. What the heck is that, anyway? I looked at him and smiled before walking to change, then go to my locker. When I was grabbing my bag from my locker someone shut it right after I grabbed my backpack

" Hey freak" Lacey greeted snarkily. I sighed " What do you want?" I asked, slinging my backpack over my shoulder " We just wanted to let you know, you'll never be cheer captain. I wish you never took that wig off, you were way prettier with it on, although, now that I think about it, even when you did have it on, you never fit in anyway" She cackled

" Yeah, you would be better off not here" Stacey said, shoving me as the other Aceys laughed and walked away. My eyes filled with tears, knowing that they were right. I walked through the hall, noticing how different I am " How do people make it look easy, are they happy or just good at deceiving, I just want a bit of that feeling for myself"

I looked at the cheerleader who were pampering themselves, and a tear threatened to fall " I don't put the pressure of soulmates, I just want somebody who knows me, cause every now and then I need a little bit of help" I wiped my eyes, walking outside " I don't feel like I belong, anywhere where where where. Why do things keep going wrong, leaving me here here here. The more I cover up my flaws, the more they appear. I gotta find where I belong, a-ah"

" I wish someone would feel the way I do sometimes, I'm stuck on the outside but no one is wondering why. I think they just made it worse, I was already hurt, I really don't need another thing on my mind. I wish I could make a change instead of walking away. Trying to keep it up instead I'm the one feeling this way. Just want to understand, but every time I can't, and I don't why" I sung as I walked down the street towards my house

" I don't feel like I belong, anywhere where where where. Why do things keep going wrong, why am I here here here. The more I cover up my flaws, the more they appear. I gotta find where I belong, a-ah" I wiped my tears and stepped into my house

" Everywhere I go, it don't feel like home, even when dad's here, he'll never know. Guess I have to leave to finally see if there's someone out there, and they're just like me, then I'll go, yeah I'll go" I sat at my vanity and picked up my wig and looked at it before tossing it into the trash " I don't feel like I belong, anywhere where where where. Why do things keep going wrong, leaving me here here here. The more I cover up my flaws, the more they appear. I gotta find where I belong, a-ah" I was sitting on the stairs in front of my house with my face in my hands as tears flowed out of my eyes

" Natalie?" I heard a voice ask. I looked up to see Wyatt stood in front of me with a look of concern on his face " Hey, Nat, what's wrong?" He asked crouching down in front of me and grabbing my hands. I ignored the shock feeling as more tears ran down my face and I looked away from him

He put his finger underneath my chin and made me face him. He brought his hands up to my face and wiped my tears " What's wrong, snowflake?" He asked again, looking into my eyes, while brushing my hair out of my face " I don't know where I belong, and nobody seems to know how I feel" I cried " Nobody will ever know how I feel" I whispered

He pulled me up to my feet and brought me into a hug " I'm sure you'll belong somewhere someday. That day might be even closer than you think" He whispered to me. We stood there for a few minutes until I finally stopped crying and I pulled away from the hug " Thank you"

He nodded and was about to speak before he was cut off by howling and footsteps. We turned around to see people from his pack running towards us " Wyatt come on, we've got to get the other one as well" Willa said. I looked at Wyatt curiously " Come with us" He said, grabbing my hand. I nodded and walked with him in the direction of...Addie's house?

When we got to her house Willa used her claws and scratched her door. Addie looked outside through the door, but didn't see us. She turned to see the scratch mark and she gasped, setting down her hot chocolate and then spotting us

" Come with us" Willa ordered as Addie gave me a strange look " What's so important?" She asked

" You are" Wyatt said, her look turned to one of confusion

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