Call To The Wild

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We were walking through the woods, and I loved the nature. I smiled as I saw a fox and it's kit run passed us. I was scared out of my thoughts when Addie spoke up " Where are we going?" She asked

I jumped, but played it cool as Wynter answered her " It's a wolf secret, if we told you we'd have to kill you" My eyes widened and I took a step back as she looked at Willa and Wyatt, who were giving her 'really?' looks " Too much, too much, I knew it! Sorry" She frowned, putting her fists to her head. She then put on a smile "Welcome! But not too welcome!" She growled, with her eyes glowing

After a second she started coughing, so I walked over and rubbed her back "Are you okay?" Addie questioned. Wynter stopped coughing and looked at us " My necklace is losing it's charge"

" Everyday more and more members of our pack her sick because their moonstones are losing power. Our elders are too weak to travel, which leaves..." Wyatt trailed off "Which leaves taking care of the pack to us. To me" Willa finished, walking to the other side of Wynter

" You'll be fine Wynter, I promise" Willa told her, then turned to Wyatt " You better be right about this. We need to find the moonstone soon" She sighed and walked into where ever we were going, and Wyatt came over to us and grabbed my wrist " Follow us Addison, Natalie. Please" He said, leading us towards where Willa and Wynter went

We stepped into a cave type place, and it was amazing " The wolf den" Wynter said, gesturing to this beautiful place. I looked at Wyatt with a huge smile on my face, and he smiled back at me with his cute fangy smile

" It's ok to be impressed" Wynter said, making me laugh. Wyatt started walking, so I followed him " Our language. Awoo Nat and Addison" He howled " That means welcome" he said. Addie took a swing at it and howled, making the others laugh

" Ostrich boots?" Wynter asked, and I laughed " No, I think she meant Awoo!" Wyatt corrected her, and she tried again. Wyatt laughed " Polka dot unicorn?" " Cool, where?" Wynter asked " Oh, no, uh, sorry, um Awoo!" She howled in a different way, making the werewolves gasp, and I laughed, knowing that she said something bad "Whoa, whoa, language. There are were-pups around" Wyatt told her

Her eyes were wide "She needs to put a pebble in the swear-wolf jar" Wynter said and the wolves in the pack howled at her, as if scolding her, making me and Wyatt laugh harder at her reaction. I howled at her too and Wyatt looked at me, looking shocked " What?" I asked " You said that perfectly"

" I am so sorry" Addie apologized " Enough" Willa rolled her eyes " This is not why we brought them here" She said " Why are we here?" I inquired, making Wyatt turn around and pick up a stone thing, and lifted it up to the light, as all the werewolves turned to look at the image it was projecting

It showed a silhouette with snow white hair running around and howling. Me and Addie watched it wide eyed " I believe one of you will lead us to the moonstone" Wyatt told us, and I gave him a questioning look " I believe one of you is the great Alpha. I believe one of you is a werewolf!"

Addie and I gasped " What!?" Wyatt started walking up some stairs and motioned for us to follow him as he started singing " Turn up, explain our history, pull back the veil of mystery. What's written on the cave is prophecy, the great Alpha is our destiny" He sung, standing behind me, as all of the dancing werewolves looked up at us " Show us the power of chemistry, lead us to the source of our energy, no one knows her identity, but she looks like you identically" I turned to him and he tapped under my chin, making me giggle

" This is how we're living our lives, living our lives, living our lives, yeah, can you feel the call to the wild, call to the wild, the call to the wild" He sung, walking down the stairs " We are the call, we are the call, we are the call to the wild"

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