Like The Zombies Do

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I was strolling down the hallway, and I saw Wyatt reading against the locker. Wait a minute...was he reading the book upside down? I backed up and took the book from him, flipping it around, then giving it back to him as he looked at me with curious eyes. He laughed awkwardly when he realised what I did, and I gave him a weird smile as I walked away

" Ok, this is a little weird" I mumbled to myself as I walked towards study hall. As I walked in I saw Wynter leaning over Bree, and she ripped her homework and ate it. I laughed, because all in all, that is pretty funny " Hey! That dog just ate my homework" Bree whined

I sat down beside Addie and Bree as Willa slammed a book down on the table, making me jump " Lies!" She growled "These history books claim that werewolves attacked Seabrook settlers. But they struck first and stole out moonstone"

" I'm sorry, we didn't know that" Addie apologized " There's a lot you don't know" She rolled her eyes, picking up the books and walking off

" I know that the alarm is gonna go off if you don't check out those books" I told her, but she just took off her necklace and threw it at the sensors, making them spark and she walked passed them without them going off, picking up her necklace as she walked by

Wyatt leaned down close to my ear " Our necklaces have a way with electronics" he whispered, making me shiver. He chuckled and followed after Willa, along with the other wolves, as me Bree and Addie looked at each other wide eyed

My phone buzzed, so I took it out, seeing that I got a text from Eliza that said to meet her in Zombie Town. I looked up at Addie and Bree " Guys I have to go. See you at cheer practice?" Addie nodded " Yeah, we're Co-leading cheer today, don't forget" She said. I nodded and waved, leaving the library and heading toward Zombie Town

At Zombie Town
I ran up to Zed, Eliza, and Zoey, who were walking towards the wolves " Get the wolves' vote, and win the election. Easy" Zed said to us, and we nodded. As we got to the wolves Zed stuck his hand out and introduced himself " Hi, I'm Zed, football star, presidential hopeful"

All of the wolves looked at him, not moving " Ok..." Eliza stepped in " When zombies first came to Seabrook, we were outsiders too, that's why you need a great president like Zed to represent you" I nodded " We'd be honored if you'd join us" I said, smiling

Wynter stood up " Our pack is out pack. We don't need anyone else, so..." She shrugged. Zoey looked up at her " Who doesn't want any more friends? Underneath all that fluffy hair I bet you're a real softie" Wynter glared at her "I am a mean, mean werewolf, kid. I am tough, and rough" " Aww, you said ruff, like a little puppy dog, ruff ruff" Zoey cooed

" We are beasts of the forest, we will never be tamed!" She growled, and Zoey out her hand up and started scratching behind her ear, like you would a dog " Wow, oh, that's great, oh wow" Wynter smiled, sitting down on her chair, before seeing Willa and Wyatt's unamused expressions " Sorry"

Willa stood up " We are nothing like you zombies" " You kind of are" Eliza said "Your necklaces are powered, right?" " Like some kind of organic Z-band" I finished, seeing where she was going with that " You two are smarter than he looks" Willa said, impressed. Zed frowned and me and Eliza thanked her

" So that necklace keeps you from fully wolfing out?" Zed asked, reaching for her necklace, but she smacked his hand away " The opposite. Our moonstones make us our true werewolf selves" She told us

" So without it you'd be human?" Zed questioned. Man, he's curious today "No, we'd die. We'd be nothing" She answered. Wyatt decided to speak up " Imagine how alive you'd feel if you didn't have to tamp things down, be your true selves" He said, staring into my eyes

" Actually, I have this theory that zombies have evolved behind their need for Z-bands-" Eliza started, but Zed cut her off by laughing uncomfortably " Z-bands are great. They help you fit in. And I think you guys would have a much better time at Seabrook if you followed in our footsteps. Join a club, play football, I'll even teach you how to tackle" He said, turning to Wynter " Just lighten up. Be more like us"

" Do it like the zombies do. Brush your fangs when you wake up, comb your hair, do your make up. Sleep at night, don't stay up, do it like the zombies do" Zed sung as him and the other zombies danced with him. I leaned up against a pole, watching how this would go down " Don't stand out when you're fitting in, when in doubt do the opposite"

" Don't listen to him" Wyatt shook his head " He's a hypocrite" Willa agreed

" Do it like the zombies do. All you've got to do is give an inch, then we gonna take it to the top. Do it like the zombies do" Zed sang

" When the moon is full no howlin'" Willa said putting her hand on Zed's shoulder as a bunch of the wolves growled " Don't run in the halls, no growlin'" Wyatt smirked, walking to the other side of Zed " Let's go to the mall, start stylin'" They all acted like they were dressing up " Do it like the zombies do"

" Trim your claws, get a manicure" Willa said as she lined up with Wyatt and Wynter " Cut your bangs, leave it on the floor" Wyatt smiled " Now wag your tail like a Labrador" Wynter put her hand on her hip, and Zed ducked under their arms, singing " Do it like the zombies do"

Zed grabbed her hand and led her towards the zombies side "Do it like the zombies do. All you've got to do is give an inch," Wyatt grabbed Wynter and dragged her back to the werewolves " then we gonna take it to the top. Do it like the zombies do, don't stop"

Zed grabbed my hand and spun me in to help him convince the werewolves. I nodded and started singing " Stand up, stand up, stand up straight, do your homework" Zed straightened up Wyatt's posture, and I put my elbow on his shoulder and smiled at him " Smile a lot when you network"

He smiled at me and I stepped back as Zed put his arms around Willa and Wyatt's shoulders " Did I mention no one gets hurt?" He asked, elbowing Wyatt in the ribs, making him flinch " Do it like the zombies do"

" I hope you're open to my advice" Zed sang, handing them hats that said 'Zed for prez' " Oh, its invaluable to us right?" Willa asked, putting the hat on, as Wyatt sniffed his before putting it on "It sounds like this could be a paradise" Wyatt smiled, shaking Zed's hand

" Do it like the zombies do" Zed walked away from them and they both threw their hats elsewhere " Why should we change, they should be like us, yeah he may eat brains but he's got no guts" Willa said. Burn!

" He's gone insane, yeah he's acting nuts, come on we've got moved to bust" Wyatt motioned for them to follow him, and we all started dancing. I don't know why Seabrook people do this, but it's fun "All you've got to do is give an inch, then we gonna take it to the top. Do it like the zombies do, don't stop. Do it like the zombies do" Zed spun a football on his finger, and Wynter saw it and tackled him

We all laughed and when Wynter stood up, she howled, causing the rest of them to as well. Zed grunted in pain from the floor

Yep, I doubt he got their vote

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