~Chapter Six~

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      "You are beautiful and your heart is kind. You don't have to change a thing, the world could change it's heart." Alessia Cara

She stumbled over her aching words though lodged deep in her throat as she tiredly cracked her swelling brain, trying to understand the fact that her ex-best friend was dating her arch nemesis or the obvious truth that John and Hudson       are brothers.

She was so engrossed in her jumbled thoughts that she didn't hear John repeatedly calling her.

"Cecilia? Cecilia!"

Her button nose was scrunched up with her smooth dark eyebrows furrowed in utmost confusion.

She looks so adorable He mused to himself before his active subconscious reasoned with him.

But is that why you called her huh?

Oh yes! He mentally slapped his forehead and seeing her eyes narrow in more confusion, he realized he spoke that aloud. Flushing in embarrassment, he handed her the clean white hoodie he had earlier pulled from his body, the faint scent of men's cologne lingering in the tensed air.

Cecilia moved her confused gaze to Hudson who glared icily at her.

"I won't repeat myself again four-eyes! What are you doing with my brother?"

She glanced briefly at John and finally noticing the material extended to her, her eyes widened in horror as she shifted backwards, away from both of them. She couldn't trust both brothers because of their indiscreet reputation especially Hudson's who was fond of making her life miserable and a living hell in the school. She quietly trembled her words out to John as she kept her eyes focused on the messy cafeteria floor.

"H-he is your b-brother?"

John sighed deeply as he heard the question that usually stops him from approaching her. Just as he was about to speak, a squeaky high-pitched voice rose above the turmoil.

"Oh c'mon, can't you see the similarities or have you completely gone blind?"

Pearl laughed loudly along with her minions who Cecilia failed to notice upon their obnoxious entry. That action prompted the interest of other students who looked on, anticipating some high school gossip.

Pearl glanced around the cafeteria with a sinister smile, pleased with the uproar she had purposely caused, she continued her taunts.

"Yes dumb, they are brothers."

She said solemnly as if she had just delivered the best answer ever heard.


A deep baritone voice interrupted Pearl's show of victory. Cecilia swiveled to the direction of the voice which belongs to John, whose eyes was wet and wide with concern.

She couldn't receive sympathy any longer cause they were all false and most times when people showed her any pity, it's because they wanted to gain something from her and hereafter they ignored her and join the rest of the school to bestow unmerited hate on her.

"Is that my lunch? You careless baboon!" Hudson screamed at the mess on the floor, several spittle from his mouth could be seen littered around.

"N-no, it's your brother's food."
"Are you that lazy? So you can't clean up?" He looked at her incredulously.

Getting no response from her, he lifted his tight fisted hands to strike her. Just when his fists scarcely touched her face, it was stopped by John as he swiftly released her elbow to hold the throbbing fist of his brother.

Hudson narrowed his gray eyes at his brother in frustration and confusion.

"What the hell was that for?" He screamed so loud that Cecilia flinched in fear.

"It is what it is" He shrugged off the question and nestled his itching hands deep in his back pockets.

Just then, one of the jocks at the table put Hudson's lunch directly behind her to infuse more fights. Hudson couldn't believe  nor accept the embarrassment hurled at him, he stalked menacingly towards her which resulted in her moving backwards away from him. Her body mistakenly tumbled the table, as the protein diet landed on the ground with a loud crash.

Cecilia was frozen in fear as she anticipated her horrendous punishment but the sweet gentle voice of the Lord whispered closely in her ears.

"My dear Cecilia, fear not what can harm the body but what can harm the body and soul eternally."


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