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I welcome you all to my first book, a novel titled 'Love from a far ', a Christian but contemporary story.

To all those who are presently reading this, you either love me or you're plainly awesome. My update schedule lays every three days and I will gladly answer any question concerning this book. Relax comfortably with your buttered popcorn ready by your side as we unlock a gate of events and actions which might be a change to your daily proceedings.

Subsequently, I hope to dedicate a single chapter each to everyone who has made this book a living success. To all the amazing people who in one way or the other showed an interest in the graphics, I dedicate the next chapter to you all.

Don't forget to vote and comment, criticisms are allowed to improve me in my course of writing. Most importantly lovelies, Do not forget to share to your friends and anybody who would like to show an interest in this awesome piece of work.


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