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Hi Lovelies, again. Recently, I noticed that the joy and love flowing from this book has drastically reduced from my beautiful readers.

I did my analysis and noticed that writing books on Wattpad had become a chore, duty and obligation that must be completed leaving out the true joy that comes from writing.

Writers lately don't put their love, energy and determination as they did in former chapters therefore not bringing out their full writing potential.

Writers reading this would agree with me that you feel stressed easily, both readers and writers hardly have breathing space just to meet up to schedule to please others.

We all have a life outside of here that also demands our attention. When you read books, interest should be there and if lacking, it becomes strenuous.

To give everyone their own space and relaxation to avoid nervous breakdowns, I hope to update every two weeks from now, but I promise long chapters as a means of make up.

I'm doing this for myself and my humble readers. Finally, we can happily read each others books without feeling stressed or obliged.

If you are in support, kindly comment your opinions in the comment column. God bless you, have a lovely day and I love you all.

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