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I was woken by the harsh sun hitting the back of my eyes, sending a blinding light through my eyelids. This was then followed by a splitting headache that felt like I had suddenly been hit by a bat in the forehead.

No matter how many times I get drunk that's the one thing that doesn't go away. The hangover. I let out a groan and rubbed my eyes, Still closed of course.

'What happened last night?' I thought as the bed under me didn't feel familiar. All I could remember was drinking... I don't even remember trying to walk home... Maybe the Tavern owner let me sleep in a guest room. Yeah, that's it. I'll pay him back tonight when I come back.

It was nice of the owner to give me a decent room. Even without pay. I could tell the bed was new without even looking at it, it had that cool feeling that comforted you at night under the blankets. 

I yawned and stretched my arms coming out in front of me still with my eyes closed. My head still throbbing.

I felt my joints click and crack, reliving the tension that they held. God that felt nice.

I let my arms fall, expecting them to just fall back down by my head. Yet they didn't.

They crashed into something hard. Ow! That hurt... I snapped my eyes open on impacted only to be blind by white light. "AAUGH" I cried out, rubbing my eyes as it stung the back of my eyes.

I nursed them for a few seconds before trying to open them slowly again.

I was able to this time.

The first thing I saw were wooden bars.

Okay ... That's not normal.

I sat up more and looked around the room was decorated like a nursery. This can not be real!

A dark wood rocking chair was propped up against the far corner with a knitted yellow blanket covering it. A Table was strapped on the wall. It looked like it could be folded up against the wall.

I felt my eyes widen

A wooden chest was in the middle of the wall near a door next to it was a wardrobe and a chest of draws. All three are made out of dark wood... In fact, everything that was wooden was made out of dark wood... That's expensive.

My eyes refocus on the bars in front of me. Dark wood again. I held onto them. "This isn't good!" I thought as I inspected the contraption I'm currently stuck in. It looked like a crib. A crib for babies. This room looked like it was for a baby. It looked like my dream room... When I was 3. Right down to the soft pale yellow walls.

I really hope I hadn't agreed to something when I was drunk.

Suddenly the air felt light and fuzzy. Oh God no! Please no I pleaded. When the atmosphere changed like that it meant only one thing.

A fae was near.

I tried to stand up. Only to find I couldn't. My legs wouldn't move. They felt like iron and dead weight. Oh no oh no oh no. This is not good.

The door handle started to turn my eyes shot to it. I kept my eyes wide as the door slowly opened and a male stepped in.

His hair was a light chestnut brown and his skin was pale with a rosy tint. His eyes were bright green and had specs of gold in them. He wore a smile that showed perfect teeth.

As he entered the room the air became even fuzzier. He was a Fae for sure... A Forrest Fae at that.

As his eyes fell on me I felt a small bubble of nerves start to boil within me. I hoped that he wouldn't say two words.

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