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Delicate Angel by abb140
Delicate Angelby Abbie Grace
"I'll never be happy here! I'll never love you!" I shout. "You already are, baby girl. Zayn and I see the way you smile when you're here." Harry says...
Starting Over by Ray_Of_Sin
Starting Overby Ray
Yes I am aware there are mistakes and yes I will get around the changing them at some point Jayland is an alcoholic. Spending his days in the local Taven drinking his so...
Helpless Angel by abb140
Helpless Angelby Abbie Grace
"W-What have you done to H-Harry?" "No need to worry about that now; you're my baby girl." "I'm not a baby." "Yes you are and there's...
kidnapped to be a babies forever  by AnamikaKishore
kidnapped to be a babies forever by Anamika Kishore
title says everything. come and know what will happen to them