~Chapter Four~

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"Don't settle for what life gives you; make life better and build something."


Students were hustling and bustling down the hallways spotting tanned skins and dyed hair. Friends greeted their buddies with a choking hug or playful punch as they welcomed each other from the summer break talking amongst themselves the activities, both fun and embarrassing that occurred during the summer.

Freshmen and new students stood awkwardly at the side looking more frightened than nervous. The new seniors stood tall and proud, confidence born out of past experience as they watched over the younger ones.

Cecilia, though a senior, looked more like a fresher because of her mismatched clothes, bird nest of a hair and giant spectacles. Her former friends are now either bullies or they just don't care about her anymore.

Her pale blue backpack grazed harshly the worn out metal locker as her arm painfully collided with it. She understood this was now Life's routine for her. She shakily raised her now teary eyes to meet the hard grey stone eyes staring menacingly back at her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!" She pleaded tearfully with him.

"How can you see, you four- eyed freak!" He screamed at her as he raised his hand to land a powerful slap across her face. The slap resonated a loud noise through the hallways that suddenly became silent.

Cecilia could feel her cheek burning as she quickly gathered Huston's things from the floor. She shakily gave it to him with her eyes lowered.

"Yo freak! You better get my lunch ready by 12 noon sharp or else." He forcefully pushed her off his way as he threw some cash at her feet. She squatted to pick up the money as her hot tears finally escaped and began to flow.

This was just another recurring episode. Since the news of the accident got to the school, everyone deserted her. Their favorite music teacher is sleeping ice cold in coma at the hospital. She couldn't blame them, but then it gave them no right to treat her that way. Her little piece of popularity she had so judiciously treasured was completely lost but what hurts more is Pearl.

Pearl, her best friend had left her the moment she got the opportunity to climb the social ladder. She was happy for her but she couldn't help the sadness tugging at her heart strings.

Loneliness had become her second nature. Everyday and night that passes by mock at her abandoned state. No one even bothered to look in her eyes talk more of a hello when they ordered her around like their personal slave. Failure to comply landed her in big fat trouble. She endured all the insults and pain thrown harshly at her all for the sake that no human being bothered to pay attention to her.

Pathetic right?

Well, that's the new definition of her life. Grandma shut everyone out when she got the news of Dad's disappearance which left her little self to take care of Momma alone. Her only rock right now is her heavenly father whom she unloads all her worries and burdens to. She refused to give in to depression as she prayed daily for strength to carry on each day.

Even Momma can't talk to me.

She wiped the stray tear away as she carried Houston's lunch to the popular table. It was already occupied by a few jocks and cheerleaders who payed no attention to her as she carefully placed the protein diet on the overly polished wooden table.

She heaved a sigh of relief that nothing spilled or seemed amiss. She slightly winced as she remembered the last time such happened. The faded bruise on her back could testify to that.

"Hey four eyes, What are you doing standing there looking like an insane zombie?"

She quickly jerked backward at the sudden voice that erupted from the table snapping her out of her illusion. Her back crashed against a sturdy wall as a plate clatter could be distinctly heard.

She felt something warm spreading across her bruised back as the entire table erupted in laughter. She swiped around quickly to come face to face with John Collins, the basketball captain and Co- president of the students' council.

Her soft brown eyes widened in fear as she quickly went on her red knees to wipe away the food particles from his Air Jordan sneakers.

Her soft brown eyes widened in fear as she quickly went on her red knees to wipe away the food particles from his Air Jordan sneakers

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Just then, a stunned silence ensued in the cafeteria as the occupants waited in anticipation of what was going to happen next.


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