Rise up

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"How could you do this!"

I sat on my bed watching my two friends scream at me. I found it amusing because they were both pacing around, and once they bumped into each other and almost started fighting.

"Sana, what the hell is wrong with you?"

I looked at Dahyun who was staring at me with her hands on her hips.

They're pissed because they saw Tzuyu and I kiss. I knew they wouldn't agree. They hate her until the end of time.

"I told you. I like Tzuyu and she has changed."

Suho started laughing then he looked at me. "You do hear yourself, right? We're talking about Tzuyu fucking Chou! The girl who bullied us all throughout high school!"

"I know that! I was there! But she changed! We've been hanging out for over a month! I can't help that I've fallen for her!" I took a deep breath and watched as the horrified look on my friends faces increased.

"She brain washed you!"

I rolled my eyes then looked at Suho. "No, she did not! Why can't you believe me?"

Dahyun let out a laugh. "Because, she's lying to you! There is no way in hell that Tzuyu Chou has changed."

I sighed. I cannot believe my friends won't believe me. I couldn't believe myself when we were hanging out, but I eventually became convinced.

"Please believe me. You'll love her. Please give her a chance."

They exchanged looks then Dubu looked at me. "Give her a chance? So that she can manipulate us and bully us? No thank you. Sana, listen to yourself. Tzuyu has always been the bad guy. Her and Lisa both, along with almost everyone in school has been bullying us for years. Why is it now that she decides to became a different person?"

I shut my eyes for a brief moment then looked at her. "Because she likes me. Ok? She fucking likes me! If that's not proof enough then I don't know what else to say."

Dubu crossed her arms. "Good, because we're done talking about this. And when you finally see her true colors, don't come crying to us." Dahyun grabbed Suho's hand then walked out.

I sat there in silence for what felt like eternity. I can't believe I lost my friends because I like someone who they don't approve of. I like Tzuyu more than anything, but is she worth losing my best friends?

I buried my face in my pillow and laid there for the rest of the night.


I texted Somi the next morning so that she could give me a ride to school. Suho and Dahyun are no longer speaking to me, so now I have to rely on Somi.

I'm not going to ask Tzuyu for a ride, because I need to sort some major shit out.

Tzuyu and I finally start something, and then something else has to come along and ruin the whole damn thing. I just want Tzuyu Chou to be mine, but I want my friends by my side also. I need them to believe her, because I need all of them in my life. I'm not going to pick sides. The only explanation I can come up with is staying away from all of them until I sort this out. It's going to break Tzuyu's heart but she'll understand eventually.

I waited outside for Somi. When she pulled up I got in her car and we were off to school she tried making small talk with me, but I didn't feel like talking. I explained a little about what had happened yesterday and she was more than a little shocked.

When we pulled up at school, everyone was staring. I didn't care. I pulled on Somi's arm and walked inside. I kept my head down as we entered the building. If I didn't see Tzuyu, or my friends, I was ok.

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