Burn break crash

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What makes Tzuyu Chou so special?

She's just another girl whom I have a silly crush on. I'm almost certain that this crush will fade out and I'll be able to live my life back to normal, where I hate her and her homophobic friends.

But I don't think I'll get over this crush. She makes my heart pound and my hands sweat. I don't think she knows what she does to me.

But she only likes me as a friend. She said so herself.

Damn, Sana. She's just another girl. Get over her.

I can't seem to shake the idea of crushing on Tzuyu out of my head. I hated her ever since I knew her. She never was the girl I thought I'd have a crush on.

She was a lot different when I first met her. She hated everyone, along with Lisa. She was like Lisa's clone; bullying the gays and hurting people for not being like them.

But she changed, so why didn't Lisa? And what made Tzuyu change?

I was sitting in my room, doodling on my notebook, thinking over a lot of things when I heard my phone go off. I looked at the screen and saw Tzuyu's name. I smiled and answered it.

"Hey guapa, que pasa?"

I heard silence then she spoke, "What the hell did you say? Stop speaking Spanish!" I laughed at my attempt to confuse the hell out of her.

I took a Spanish class in my freshman year and it has came a long way.

"Sorry," I said "what's up?"

"You said that? It sounded like you recited the whole alphabet." I laughed then she continued, "Anyways, I was wondering if you would like to go skating with me?"


She giggled. "That's when I'm calling. So is that a yes?"

I didn't hesitate, "Of course! But aren't you afraid someone will see us?"

"Not really, nobody hardly goes to this skating rink."

I agreed to go then got ready when I hung up.

This was going to be awesome! I love skating and I haven't been in a while, and I'm going with Tzuyu!

She came and picked me up in her Porsche, and I fell in love with it again. I never had a fascination with sport cars, cause I always thought the people who drove them were the snotty rich who only cared about them, and pissing people off.

But Tzuyu Chou owned the most gorgeous car in town, and not once has she proved to me that she's just another one of those people.

As I climbed in and fastened my seatbelt, we were off, making small talk there.

It felt unreal to have be seated next to the most gorgeous girl in our school, possibly this whole town, inside a skating rink getting our skates on.

I looked around and noticed not many people were here, and none of them I knew so that was a relief.

As Tzuyu got done putting her skates on, she stood up and waited for me. I tied the son of the bitch and got up to follow her to the rink.

I once fell on my ass the first time I skated, I mean who hasn't, and it was embarrassing but also hilarious. I was at one of my old friends birthday party and I was pumped to finally be able to skate, and didn't think nothing up it when I stepped onto the rink and immediately fell. Everyone laughed so I laughed too to cover up the embarrassment. Worst birthday I've went to.

Oh wait, no. I once peed my pajamas at a birthday party but that's another story.

When we stepped onto the rink, I grabbed Tzuyu's hands not thinking of it. When she turned her head around and looked at me, I moved my hand and my face heated up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

She smiled, "Are you scared to skate on your own?"

If I say yes, will you hold my hand?

"N-no." Damn it brain.

She smiled then nodded, "Ok, well I'll race you around." I smiled as I watched her go; her blonde hair flowing behind her. Her perfectly curve body mimicking the rhythm of her feet, the way she skates like she's been doing it for years.

I finally shake out of my daze and realize I'm suppose to be racing her!

I quickly pick up speed and try to at least tail her. Since I was checking her out, I won't be able to catch up.

I push as hard as I can and soon I'm trailing right behind her. She looks back but doesn't see me, so there's a smile on her face.

Oh, you think I'm nowhere insight? Think again, babe.

I quickly skate right past her and see her face as she notices me. I stick my tongue out and haul ass.

I look behind to see her struggling to catch up to me, but it's no use because I've already won. I smile as I stand next to the rail as she comes up next to me. "How the hell did you do that?"

I shrug, "I think I'm immortal." I smile as she rolls her eyes then looks at me. "Seems like it. I mean, who the hell isn't ticklish?"

I laugh then look at her, "You remember that?"

She stares at me for a moment, "It was yesterday."

Oh yeah.

I shake my head, "I know that."

She pushes my shoulder back and laughs a little. I glare at her, "Stop getting violent."

"But I don't wanna. Besides you cheated, just like you cheat at cards." I smile at her cuteness.

Damn, why does she have to be perfect.

"Whatever, I did not cheat. You just suck..at everything."

She opens her mouth as she stares at me. I laugh and tap her chin, "Better close it."

She shuts her mouth then crosses her arms. "Best two out of three and no cheating!"

I hold my hand up, "Scouts honor." She rolls her eyes and we're rounding the rink again. Maybe more than we hoped for. But I don't care, as long as I'm with Tzuyu. I'm willing to keep crashing into her.

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