If i had a heart

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Hanging out with Somi got my mind off of Tzuyu and these feelings for her. It was fun to hang with her, although we only went out to see a movie, she was pretty amazing.

I don't understand how I missed her in school. Dahyun and Suho would love her.

Somi asked if I wanted her to give me a ride to school on Monday, and I knew that I wouldn't hear the end of this when we ride up to school together. I wouldn't blame them because she's gorgeous and amazing in every way. It's hard to believe that I haven't met her before.

We rode up to school in her black mustang, and immediately all eyes were on us. I turned to her. "How come everyone is looking at you?" She shrugged and pulled her keys out of the ignition.

"Probably because I never drove this car to school until now." We got out and I looked at her. "How come? This thing is gorgeous." She laughed as we walked up to the front doors.

"Too much attention." I looked around at everyone staring at us or her car before we walked in.

"Why did you decided to drive it today?" I asked as we made our way inside the building and to our locker.

She shrugged and looked at me. "Because I wanted them to see us together." I smiled as we stopped at her locker. I watched her as she grabbed her books. She shut her locker then looked at me, then past me. "Well, we have company."

I turned and saw Tzuyu and Lisa make their way down the hall to us. My heart sped up at the sight.

I knew she was on Lisa's side.

Tzuyu looked at me and smiled. I rolled my eyes and turned to Somi. "Let's get out of here." She nodded and we started walking away until I heard a voice.

"Sana, wait." Tzuyu.

I turned around and looked at her. "What do you want Chou?"

She cringed at the sound of her last name. "I want to talk to you."

Before I said anything, Somi stepped up. "Yeah, well she doesn't want to talk to you. Now leave her alone." I watched Tzuyu's attention focus on Somi then me. I looked over at Lisa who was just standing there.

What the hell was her problem?

Tzuyu looked at Somi. "It's important if I talk to her, alone."

Somi shook her head then grabbed my hand. I saw Tzuyu's eyes land on our hands and I swore I saw a muscle twitch. "No can do. We have things to discuss." She pulled me away before Tzuyu could say anything more.

When we were out of sight, I pulled away and looked at Somi. "What if she really needed to tell me something? Maybe she wanted to apologize." Somi was taken back by what I said.

"Are you serious? Because of her, You've done this," She pulled my right sleeve up to show me my cuts. I glanced around then pulled them back down and looked at her. "She doesn't deserve to talk to you, Sana. If you had a heart, you wouldn't give her a second glance."

The bell rung and she left me there to think about so much shit.

I couldn't take Tzuyu back. It was not going to happen.

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