The End

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Charging out the house, Gabe slammed into his car, and revved it up. He needed to find Quent, it was a deep ache in the centre of his chest that refused to go away. There was something about the way the world looked that seemed different to how it was before he'd remembered Quent.

He hated that something had been taken from him, somebody had stolen all of his precious memories from him. Moments he might never back again. Maybe though, they'd get a chance to start again. A chance to fall in love their way, on their terms. He hoped that they could make new memories together. He hoped that Quent would let him.

The car raced down the road, breaking all the speed limits in an effort to get out of the city, past all the people with their own lives, own experiences. A cop car watched him speed by, and the overweight constable inside couldn't quite be bothered to give chase. The younger guy by him was waving his arms at Quent, but in the end they did nothing.

This wasn't like the other times they had broken into or out of places. (Which had happened surprisingly often over the last few months. And yet somehow neither of them had a criminal record yet.) All the other times there was a plan, a motive, a reason to do what they were doing. But this time it was different.

There was no logic behind what Gabe was doing, he didn't even know for sure that he was going in the right direction. This was pure, raw emotion guiding him to where Quent was, pulling him to the one place he needed to be over any other. The Facility.

The building was grey and miserable even from the outside, but Gabe didn't really notice what it looked like. He was too busy a smashing the doors open. This time he had no get out of jail free card, no powers to help him. He had to do this himself, with his own strength.

Blasting through the facility, the scientists didn't know what had hit them. The Facility was in the middle of nowhere, so the security was fairly lax for a government institution. And everyone was too busy gawking at him to try and stop him.

Walking past room after room, Gabe didn't know quite how he knew that they weren't right without even peeking inside, but then again, none of this made sense. His body had just called him here, and he had instinctively known that it was the right place to go. Finally he was near the last few rooms, when he stopped. This was it.

Standing in the room was a single scientist. Turning when Gabe walked in, he regarded him with sharp eyes over steel rimmed spectacles.

"I don't know what you think you're doing, but you can't be here." The man barked at Gabe.

"I'm here for Quent. And I'm not leaving without him." Gabe panted defiantly.

"Yes, I know why you're here. That was obvious from the start. I'm merely asking what you hope to achieve. He doesn't remember who you are. And nobody here has told him anything about you, so to him your valiant rescue attempt will be more like a horrific kidnapping to him. We took away all that love you felt for each other, so there shouldn't be any hard feelings. He's only still here because we wanted to give him some time to recover. After all, we did do open brain surgery on him." The Doctor sneered.

"What do you mean, open brain surgery?" Gasped Gabe in horror. Then suddenly, it all made sense. The doctors, the facility, the memory loss.

"It was you! You were the ones that took our memories away."Gabe realised, "You... You stole them. You went into his head, and you store away his memories. And then somehow that meant that I forgot as well. What the hell did you do to him? He's a minor." Yelled Gabe in anger.

"It was for your own good. I don't expect you to understand. But why are you still here anyway, we took all your memories, all your experiences. You shouldn't feel anything anymore, we took all of that away." Laughed the doctor in a way that made Gabe want to throw up. That was when he understood, when he realised what he had been feeling all long.

"No, you didn't." Gabe said slowly, only really just coming to terms with it himself. "You took away my ability to remember what I felt. You didn't take away what I feel. And so that's all I have, my feelings. I don't know what his hair feels like. But I know that I want to run my hands through it. I don't know what his lips feel like. But I know that all I want to do is kiss them, all day long. I don't know what his heart is like. But I know that my heart belongs to him." Gabe proclaimed.

There was a small, almost unnoticeable gasp by the door. Then the door opened, and in walked a dazed, but absolutely fine Quentin Matthews. He gazed at Gabe in shock and amazement, and something else that looked like longing.

"What you just said..." Quent managed in a shaky breath. "Did you really mean it?"

Gabe just stared at him in complete astonishment, wondering how on earth he could have ever forgotten someone so beautiful. He couldn't seem to find the right words to say. But then he was walking across the room and pulling Quent into his arms, and they didn't need words anymore.

They could both feel it, the warm buzzing electricity surrounding them, and the feeling of total happiness and completeness. But more than anything, they could knew that each was vowing to never let the other one go, ever again.

The End. (For real this time.)

Wow. I finished it. And although technically it's boxing day where I am, I'm assuming that most of my readers live in America, where it is still Christmas day. So Merry Christmas! And that means I kind of did keep to my deadline.

I know, I know, I'm sad that it's the end as well. This is probably the first proper story that I've ever finished. I'm very proud of it. Quent and Gabe are my babies, and I had to give them a happy ending.

And now you can go and read my new story, which is on my profile! (I'm kidding, you don't have to.) It's about a romance between a boy and an alien. However, someone tell me if it's really bad because I have hardly any reads, and I have at least three other story ideas which I also want to write, and could write instead if it's no good.

Thank you to all of my readers. I love all of you for taking the time to read this, and the ones that voted and commented especially.

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