You have the right build

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"Right. So it's kind of like rugby, except with more pads. I think I got it, I mean, in tryouts we won't play an actual game right?"

Quent was doing his best to understand how to actually play the sport that he was trying out for, and after about ten explanations from Dev and Gabe, and several YouTube videos he was sort of okay. Sort of. Not okay enough to play in an actual game or anything, but he had a very basic understanding of some of the rules. Unfortunately, to try out for a place on the football team, you needed to be able to show that you could actually play football.

" Um, no actually, you probably will have to play an actual game. But you'll be fine,"

Dev tried to reassure a worried looking Quent.

"You have the right build and everything."

"Yes," said Quent sarcastically,

"Because it's irrelevant whether I can actually play football. As long as I look like I can, I'll be fine! They're not going to notice that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Now I see how flawless that plan is, I'm totally reassured," said Quent, while Gabriel laughed and Dev looked slightly annoyed.

"Come on dude, I was just trying to make you feel better,"

Argued Dev, while Quent went back to looking worried. Gabriel tried not to think about how cute Quent looked when he was worried, with his eyebrows furrowed and his fingers tapping some rhythm against his leg. He especially tried not to notice the way his teeth were tugging at his gorgeous lips. As per usual with his slight homosexual tendencies, he was failing quite spectacularly.

The tryouts were going well so far; for Quent at least. For Gabriel, who was doing his best to reign in his obvious attraction to him, it was not going so well. First there was changing, where he had to endure having a half naked Quent right next to him. He had done his absolute best not to check him out while he was changing. However, it seemed his absolute best was not quite good enough, since he still found himself almost literally drooling over Quent's amazing abs.

Then, when they were changed and he thought he was safe, there were the extremely tight white pants Quent had needed to wear. (Quent had needed to borrow some since he didn't have any, and they were a little on the small side.)

And now there was this. They were practising tackles, and Quent hadn't had a partner. He was relatively new still, and there was an odd number, so the coach had picked one of the regulars to go with him unlike the rest, who were all paired up with other people trying out. And the regular he had picked was Gabriel.

It was quite astonishingly difficult to stay calm when Quent was sweating and panting underneath him. They weren't even wearing their full helmets since it was just a drill, so he could see Quent's face all through the exercise. The expressions he was making were borderline inappropriate, or maybe that was just Gabriel's over reactive imagination.

Either way, it was not helping the situation in his pants. He tried thinking about boobs for a while, to try and make it go away, then remembered that for a normal teenage boy that would only make it worse. Sadly he was clearly not a normal teenage boy, since it had actually been working fairly well.

It was then that things started to go wrong. Even more wrong than they were already.

Quent wasn't used to doing this kind of tackle, and so he messed up during the tackle, leaving them both in a tangle of limbs, with Gabriel hitting his head hard on the ground, Quent on top of him. Quent did his best to get off him, but couldn't, while Gabriel slowly started to lose consciousness. However just before he was totally out, he felt Quent's groin brush lightly against his stomach, and realised that for some reason it felt extremely hard. But then he passed out. So it was probably just a figment of his imagination because he'd hit his head.

In the end, because of Gabriel's injury they had to stop the tryouts. But they needed a team soon, so they could start practising for matches, and therefore the coach picked the team based on what he'd already seen. And so by an astonishing stroke of luck, Quent was selected. When Quent asked the coach why he had been selected, the coach simply said,

"You looked like you had the right build for it."

OK, I know this is short, but I couldn't think of anything to write, so it's like a mini chapter. Most of my chapters are quite short anyway, since I'm not very good at the whole writing thing yet. Sorry! The next one is longer, I promise.


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