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Chapter 25

Quent had started out the journey kicking and screaming, begging them to let him go. Now he'd realised that all of it was futile, a pointless waste of effort. All he could do was sit and watch as a fly climbed up the blacked out windows. The agent next to him started to talk to him in a high, whiny voice.

"I don't see what you're making such a fuss for anyway. The process won't hurt, and all it will do is turn you back to normal. The rest of us manage just fine without moving stuff with our heads." He griped.

"It's not the powers that I care about." Quent growled through gritted teeth. "All I care about is Gabe. And they're going to take him away from me, they're going to take my everything away from me. You could never understand how that feels." He muttered, turning his face away.

The agent let out a short, sharp laugh that made Quent want to punch him. The car becoming increasingly hot and stuffy, and the black paint made it feel like a coffin. Quent wanted to bang on the windows, smash one, anything to get out of the death trap. Then the irritating guard spoke again.

"Oh come on. It's not like you actually cared about each other. You didn't 'fall in love.' It was just random forces outside of your control that forced you to feel that way. That isn't love. In fact, we're doing you a favour here, because this way you're free from all that. You're not chained to some guy for the rest of your life by genetics you didn't choose. You were straight before, right? So once you don't have those love chemicals running through your system, you might even hate him for making you feel that way." Hissed the guard.

Quent turned and looked the guy straight in the eyes, his whole body burning with anger. Everything in him just wanted to pummel him into the ground, but the hard plastic ties around his wrists prevented all that.

"There aren't many things that I'm sure of, but I am sure that I love Gabriel Walters more than anything else on this earth. I love his laugh. I love his smile. I love the way that he really cares about people, and forgives them even when he probably shouldn't. I love the way he looks so happy when I kiss him. I love the way I'm so happy when he kisses me. I love that he can bring a whole team, a whole school together with just a few words. I love everything about him, even the bits that aren't perfect. And I know that no matter what happens, I will always feel that way." Quent declared.

"But that's not your problem. When they turn your powers around, it won't just break the bond. It will also take away all of your memories of him, and all of his memories of you. The question is not are you in love with him. It's whether you can fall in love with him again." The man grinned nastily.

Before Quent had time to respond, the car came to an abrupt halt. The men dragged Quent out, doing everything he could to get away. But they dragged him inside, and put tape over his mouth to stop his screaming.

They half pulled, half carried him into a silver, futuristic looking building.  The interior was bright white, with a hallway of rooms going down a long corridor. But Quent didn't really look at any of that. All he could see was the tiniest smudge of blood on the corner of one of the doors. It stained the white door, a mark of what this place was really like on the sterile exterior.

Shoved into a large room with some terrifying looking medical equipment inside it, Quent was pushed down and strapped to a bench. Doctors loomed over him, talking in complicated medical gibberish. He felt a small prick in his arm, then the whole scene faded away.

Gabe woke up suddenly in his hospital bed with a searing pain in his head. Then, as quickly as he had felt it the pain stopped. But this feeling was worse, it was as if something had been ripped out of him, some central part of him was gone. He had no idea what it was, but he knew for sure that something huge was missing. And he wanted, needed it back.

He felt as if someone had cut a huge hole inside him, and ripped something out. Invisible agony of needing something he had no concept of wracked his body, and he ripped at the thin hospital gown, trying to see what had changed, what had been taken. But he could find nothing.

It was then that the doctors rushed in, surrounded by his family and most of the football team, all demanding to know how he was and what had happened. Then one teammate stepped forwards and asked the big question.

"Gabe. What happened to Quent? You were the last person to see him, and you two are always together. We're all like, really stressed, and nobody knows where Quent could be. He's been missing ever since you last called us. So do you know?" He questioned.

Gabe looked up at him with a small frown on his face.

"Who the hell is Quent?"

There is seriously hardly any story left. Maximum two chapters, but I'm thinking the next one might be the last one. I'm actually quite sad that it's ending. But there won't be a sequel, just to clarify.

This was actually originally supposed to be a generic, cliché highschool  romance so I could get used to writing stuff on Wattpad. Things never turn out the way I plan. My next story will be a lot more imaginative, I have a ton of ideas already.


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