The best boyfriend ever

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Over the next month, surprisingly little changed. The football team avoided them, and gave them dirty looks occasionally, but they basically left them alone. They had told Quent's  family about their relationship, and they seemed to be okay with it as well. In fact, after everything happening so abruptly before, the sudden change in pace was unexpected. And it was freaking them out a bit.

But for Quent, he had too much on his mind to worry about that. Soon it would be Gabe's eighteenth birthday, and he wanted to do something special for him. But he had no idea what. Romance wasn't exactly something that came easy for him. If Gabe had been a girl, it would be simple. Buy some expensive chocolate, go to a fancy restaurant, make out a bit and then go home.

But with Gabe, that just didn't seem right. It was too ordinary for their extraordinary relationship. He wanted to do something special, something they'd both really remember. Somehow sitting over some nice food wasn't really them. He needed something different, romantic, that expressed both of them. And he was stumped.

Talking to Gabe didn't help either. Subtlety wasn't one of his strong points, and Gabe was basically oblivious anyway so the only way to get any actual information would be to just say: "What do you want to do for your birthday?" And even that he was unsure about since Gabe probably didn't have any idea either anyway.

Gabe was wondering what to do for his birthday too. Last year he'd just thrown a massive party and invited everyone important. This year everyone important to the school hated his guts, and the one person really important to him seemed to constantly have something else on his mind. He was oblivious, but not that oblivious.

Gabe didn't know what was bothering Quent recently, and Quent didn't seem to want to tell him. It was starting to worry him. All kinds of possible scenario's ran through his mind. Maybe Quent had some kind of terminal illness. Maybe there was someone else. Maybe someone close to him had died. Maybe he'd decided he wasn't gay and it was just a phase. Maybe his family had decided to move back to England. Maybe there was someone else. What if there was someone else? It was all so frustrating! Realistically he knew that Quent would never cheat on him, but when people didn't tell him things his head just went crazy.

But after a while of tearing his hair out, he just decided to quit it. There was really no use worrying about it after all. He trusted Quent, and he knew Quent trusted him. Whatever it was, Quent clearly wasn't going to tell him, so it was just a waste of time. Besides, his hair was way too awesome to be torn out over something so trivial.

In the end, Gabe just had a nice dinner with his family, and went Quad biking with Dav, which was incredibly fun. He'd had so much time in a whirlwind of presents and relatives crying over how he wasn't a kid anymore, there wasn't much time to think about Quent. Or maybe there was, but he just didn't really want to think about him. Either way, it seemed like seconds when suddenly a week had passed by and he hadn't seen or talked to Quent at all.

Gabe was just playing video games when he heard a knock on the door. He knew in his heart that it was Quent. Also, he could see him outside through the window. Slowly, he sauntered down the stairs and opened the door.

"Somehow I thought you'd be in a suit." He said, eyes tracing the simple shirt and shorts Quent had on.

"Do I seem like a suit person to you? They're uncomfortable and rip easily." Quent replied.

"Besides, suits and all that stuff aren't really our style. Plus, a suit would make what we're going to do be doing difficult. I have flowers though," Quent added, holding them out to Gabe.

Gabe took the flowers and smiled at Quent.

"So what is it, what we're going to be doing?" He asked.

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