You should be happy

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Chapter 20

"Yessss! This is amazing, it couldn't have been us, the art gallery it was stolen from is at least 20 minutes away. They say that the heist took minimum five minutes, there wasn't time for us to get there and do it. We can just show this to the government, and we'll be clear. It's a PERFECT alibi!" Gabe yelled in excitement.

He looked behind him at Quent, a smile splitting his face. To his surprise, Quent wasn't celebrating. Instead, a cool, calculating look was on his face, and he was clearly thinking hard about something.

"That woman, who was she?" Quent asked suddenly, his voice foreboding.

"What do you mean? What woman, Quent, you should be happy! We're saved!" Quent cried blissfully.

"That woman who met us in the coffee shop. Joy Addams. Who was she?"

"She was...oh right, she was our coordinator. Why does that matter?" Gabe answered, a note of worry coming into his voice.

"Yeah, but what does that actually mean? How did she know who we were, what we could do? Was she like us, or is she something else? Where did she come from, what did she want? Who sent her?"

"She was just there to tell us about our powers, help us out. She couldn't tell us everything, she didn't have a lot of time. And I don't know where she came from, she never told us.

"That's exactly my point." Quent stated. "She never told us anything about herself,  we just had a vague idea she was there to help us out. Remember what that government woman said about people like us? She said we were rare, un-organised and scattered across the globe. That we'd probably never  meet another person like us for the rest of our lives. If people like us are really like that, then who was Joy?" Gabe tried to interrupt but Quent was just getting started.

"That government woman said a lot of bad things, but she never lied to us. She told us exactly what would happen to us even though she probably knew we wouldn't like it. Joy didn't. She was keeping things from us right off the bat, she never explained about most of the powers until she had to, and even after that she had to go right away. Before she could properly explain. What was keeping her so busy? Why did she meet up with us when she had somewhere to be right after? The government woman said that they had no record of anyone like us coming near our town for months. And so if Joy isn't like us, then how do we know that she was there to help us out?"

As Quent had been explaining, Gabe had been getting more and more worried. He was right after all, they really didn't know anything about her.

"But the thing that worries me most," Quent continued, "Is that she would have had time. She left the shop ten minutes before us, so she would have had time to steal the vase. And if she is like us, then she would physically have been able to do it. I think she did it Gabe. I think she's the Shadow."

However despite them solving the mystery of who the Shadow was, their problems just seemed to multiply. After all, they had been seen in a coffee shop with the criminal who stole a priceless vase just minutes before the crime actually happened. In the eyes of the law, they would probably seem even more guilty.

They had to find a way to take down 'the Shadow' without her dragging them down with her. Just going to the police or the government and telling them was no good. They'd never believe two supposed criminals, and in the end they'd just end up back where they started: locked in a government facility. And next time they wouldn't escape so easily.

They had been sitting, trying to think up plans for about half an hour when Gabe suddenly thought of something.

"How did she find us?" He asked, staring up at the peeling ceiling.

"I mean," he continued, "It's not like we'd really used our powers yet, and we weren't even a couple. So how did she know even before we did? I have an idea, but it's kinda crazy, so just hear me out. What if there was another power, one she didn't tell us about? A way of locating other people that are like us. Something she didn't tell us because she wouldn't want us to find her."

Quent sighed. "Even if that was right, we still wouldn't know how to use it. A power is useless if we can't take advantage of it. It's a good idea, and you might even be right about it. But knowing that something exists, and being able to use it to your advantage are very different things."

Gabe sighed. That had been his best shot, and now they had nothing. There was no way to find 'the Shadow' so they had no proof that she even existed. And the government would find them soon and take them away.

"Wait." Quent said suddenly. "Don't we have her cellphone number? We could ring it, and then use that to track her location and find her. But I know I couldn't do it, and I don't know anyone who could, so we're still back to square one."

It was such a simple idea, they wondered why they had never thought of it before. It never crossed their minds that they actually had the contact information of the person they were trying to find. While Quent was still talking, Gabe dug the crumpled card out of his pocket and studied it.

"Hang on. I think I might know someone. He's a friend of my sister's, stays indoors a lot and plays around with computers. He's amazing with technology, he fixed my computer once, but he's the shy sort, you know? It's a long shot, but he might just be able to do it. Plus I think he has a crush on her, he's always blushing whenever I see him with her, so he'll probably help us no questions asked." Gabe interjected.

"That sounds great. Are you certain he can do it though? And how'll you get hold of him?" Quent asked, trying not to sound too hopeful.

"Oh, I have his phone number, he gave it to me one time for some reason. And I'm sure he'll do everything he can for us. He's bright red every time I see him." Gabe answered, chuckling.

"Are you sure it's not YOU he has a crush on?" Quent asked teasingly, making Gabe punch him in the arm.

Can I just say UNEXPECTED!!! Hahaha. So either I planned for this all along and made her that way on purpose, or I'm just really bad at explaining things and thought of that half way through chapter 17. You choose.

CHAPTER 20 ALREADY!!! And there still seems to be a lot to go. I honestly only planned for like 12. Although I use the word "planned" in a very loose way here. Also I thought I'd get maybe maximum 1000 reads. If it went really really well. So that was nice.




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