not an update!

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hi readers, i hope you're doing well. it's been a while since i've written anything, mainly because of lack of self motivation and some personal things i'm dealing with irl. i have forced myself to write a new chapter for this novel and i just can't seem to. i still wholeheartedly ship lucaya, but i am no longer interested in completing this novel. that's not to say that i'll stop writing altogether. i still want to continue writing fanfiction as it's been one of my sources to happiness for years. if you liked this book, i really am sorry, but there are new things i am excited to work on. just keep in mind that i won't be consistent because this is a hobby of mine, not a job. i know there are very few lucaya shippers now, but that doesn't stop me :) i will always enjoy writing for lucaya! new things are coming guys, please stand by <3

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