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The night had only begun, but Maya could confidently say that it was one of her worst ones ever. She and Missy were standing by the ticket lineup, waiting for Lucas and Rebecca to choose a movie.

"You didn't tell me that he was her date."

"What's the big deal?" Missy furrowed her brows. "Aren't you guys like, best friends?"

"Well yeah, but–" Maya shook her head, pursing her lips. "Nevermind." She continued staring at the couple. They were both laughing, Rebecca shoving him playfully. Probably about some stupid corny joke Lucas had made. Maya felt a familiar pang in her chest at the scene in front of her and she gritted her teeth, glancing away to look at the movie posters instead.

What was taking them so long anyway?

"Here, can you hold this?" Missy held out the bag of popcorn, her thumb moving rapidly across the screen of her phone.

Maya took her hands out of her pockets to grasp the bag, digging her hand into the warm snack.

"We got the tickets!" Rebecca flashed an enthusiastic smile, giving each of them their ticket stubs.

Maya glanced down at the large bolded letters. It was a romance film. She refrained from rolling her eyes. "Great," she said, her voice muffled.

Missy grimaced in slight disgust and shot her a look of disapproval for speaking with a full mouth. The group headed towards the theatres. Maya walked behind Missy, while the two lovebirds after her spoke in low and hushed tones, Rebecca giggling occasionally. As they were nearing the door, seeing that Maya's hands were occupied, Lucas kept it from closing and held it open for her.

"After you."

Maya rolled her eyes at him and followed her girlfriend into the darkened room. They found their seats in the middle rows and Maya slowly came to the realization that shit - she was going to have to sit next to Lucas for two whole hours.

What kind of a romance movie was that long anyway? Maya groaned. "Missy, switch seats with me."

Missy had already settled comfortably in her seat, placing her drink of sparkling water in the cup holder. "What, why? Just sit, there are people behind you."

"Ugh, fine." Maya plopped down onto her seat with a huff. Her face scrunched into a pout, her cheeks lightly pressing against the 3D glasses. She ate her popcorn and absentmindedly watched the advertisements.

Maya never thought that Rebecca Wiebe would be exactly Lucas' type. Although she did have that bubbly brunette thing going on, which was what he seemed to like in girls. But her peppy behaviour was a total fraud, Maya could see right through it. Nobody acted like that. Except for Riley. In school, Rebecca was known for stabbing people in the back while smiling in their faces.

Even Missy had had problems with her in the past. Maya failed to understand why she had even stayed friends with her.

And now Lucas was dating her.

Maya kept her eyes on the big screen and tried to block out the heavy flirtation going on next to her. It made her want to gag.

The bag was already halfway empty just as the movie was starting. This was the perfect time to fall asleep...




A loud crash had startled Maya out of her slumber and she flinched in her seat, blinking a couple times to adjust to the brightness of the screen. Her eyes were sore and she could only open them halfway.

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