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At around twelve in the afternoon, Maya waited outside of Farkle's opulent building. Just right around the corner though, she did not want to risk running into Lucas if he was still over there. The black aviators she wore were slipping down the bridge of her nose. It was a cloudy day but Maya was paranoid of being seen.

"Hey, Maya," Farkle approached her with a half-wave then nodded towards the entrance.

"Wait, is he..." Maya glanced guardedly behind Farkle.

"Lucas and Zay left earlier."

"You sure? 'Cause–"

"Why would I lie about that? Let's go inside."

Maya followed him into the building, making brief eye contact with the concierge before they entered the elevator. The two stood side by side quietly, then a ding indicated that they reached the eighteenth story.

It had been a while since she visted Farkle's place. Maya rested her sunglasses on top of her head, her hair pushed back. She sauntered across his bedroom. There were so many things to look at, she had almost forgotten the reason she came over. Farkle reminded her.

"Maya. The phone call?"

Maya sighed, plopping down on one of the bean bags, her ankles crossed. She kept her eyes on her combat boots. "Riley and I aren't talking." She prepared for a question from him like: what did you do?

"Why?" Farkle only said, sitting across from her.

"The story is kind of long."

"That's fine. I think I already know why, anyway."

Maya's gaze shot up. "You do?"

"It's Lucas, isn't it?"

"How did you know? Did Lucas say something?"

Farkle nodded, then he got up and took the bean bag next to hers. "You told Riley about you and Lucas?"

Maya brought her knees up to her chest, tucking her chin in between them. "Do you think it was a mistake to have told her? No. That would have been worse. Right?" She exhaled again.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Talk to her, maybe? She sure as hell won't talk to me."

"Riley isn't going to get over this quickly. You just need to hold out a little longer."

"I told her I wouldn't talk to Lucas anymore. I've tried. I don't know what else I'll do. What if she never forgives me?"

Farkle pursed his lips. He placed a hand on Maya's shoulder. "She will. Riley wouldn't end your friendship over this." His brow furrowed as he studied her. "You really would do that for her? I mean, not talk to Lucas?"

"Of course I would. He's the reason why this entire thing happened." Maya curled her fists, glaring at the floor as if it was Lucas' face, her anger seemingly exaggerated and forced. "But it's my fault."

"It's not your fault."

Maya glanced at him, her eyes round with surprise. She had completely expected him to shame her and take Riley's side.

"You like Lucas, and he likes you. It is no one's fault."

Maya chuckled mirthlessly, shaking her head as if to get rid of a bug. "It's still wrong. This is Lucas we're talking about here. Riley's in love with him. They're going to get back together, just like they always do. And I'll be happy for them."

"It will take Riley a while to move on. But Lucas already has. It's not going to work out for them."

"Well. I don't care either way. I just want Riley to talk to me again."

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