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Late Night Texting Buddies by DramaFangirl25
Late Night Texting Buddiesby Delena Salvatore
They say the deepest conversations happen late at night, when the sky is dark, the stars are bright, and the brain is too tired to hide feelings or filter what you're tr...
Girl Meets Maya Hart by dheawidiastri
Girl Meets Maya Hartby Dhea Widiastri
"So, you just like Lucas because I like him....right?" "No." "So, you like him?" Riley ask again, holding back her tears from falling. &quo...
Baby On Board by mayascowboy
Baby On Boardby writer
Maya's life was never great. Her dad left her mom before she was born and her mom was only there half the time. Just when Maya thinks her life cant get any worse she fin...
breaking the silence by setmyhartonfriar
breaking the silenceby kayla
"What are you gonna do now?" He asked, his tone gentle. "Nothing." Maya shook her head. "They're perfect for each other, and I would never be ab...
Forbidden Love || Lucas Friar+Maya Hart by victoriataylor_
Forbidden Love || Lucas Victoria
Maya has a secret. A secret that could change her relationship with her best friend forever. ( They're 16/17 in this) All Rights Reserved © 2015 victoriataylor_ || Vict...
For The Crowd by cece_stoner
For The Crowdby caesar salad
A story where a junior baseball player and a freshman softball player are partnered up for a chance to win a week training with professional players.
getting Instagram by lucaya_trash03
getting Instagramby lucaya_trash03
Maya Lucas Riley Farkle Zay and Isorada all get Instagram and couples are formed and some couples are destroyed {this is a lucaya and riarkle fanfiction}
say it again ➳ lucaya (completed) by mayaisms
say it again ➳ lucaya (completed)by liz
"who are you bringing to the wedding?" "my boyfriend." "i didn't think you had one..? what's his name?" lucaya au | girl meets world
The middle of starting over [Girl meets World] by kurenohikari
The middle of starting over [ kurenohikari
What would happen if Riley didn't forgive Lucas for hiding his past after chapter four of the second season? What if Maya went to cheer up a sad cowboy at his home? Coul...
I'm Always Okay (Lucaya) by Jmaki6895
I'm Always Okay (Lucaya)by Jmaki6895
Maya Hart has a bad habit of putting everyone else before herself, so she steps back... again.
Going Our Seperate Ways by ladybugxcatnoir16
Going Our Seperate Waysby Naruhina/Sasuhina/Lucaya/Josh...
After Lucas chooses Riley, they start to distance themselves from the group more and more as time goes on. As the group is now only Smackle, Farkle, Zay and Maya they be...
The true joshaya by joshaya_will_rise
The true joshayaby Joshaya' s life
This is the continuation of maya and josh confessioning that they like eachother in episode "ski lodge part 2" but they really confessed there undying lust and...
Hurts like hell! by beyon_perfection
Hurts like hell!by Beyond_perfection
Cover credits go to- @shaanmeetsworld, go vote comment and share his stories! A lucaya story. Maya had asked Lucas to date Riley, but obviously she didn't want him to. E...
Snapshots by rangerrickspancakes
Snapshotsby Maggie
"But Maya Hart? She was the one I loved." One-shots about Lucas and Maya from Girl Meets World
The Project - a lucaya series - book 1 by ideklmaooo
The Project - a lucaya series - ideklmaooo
Maya and Riley are best friends. Have been since kindergarten. A new boy starts going to their school: Lucas Friar. Riley has a major crush on him. When Maya and Lucas a...
All Mine by chacladesegy2015
All Mineby Da'liah king
Not my kids but I'm there mom Maya hart
Different by WildChildx_
Differentby ♡
"Why?!" "Why would you possibly go for her when you have all these other girls to choose from?!" "Because she's crazy and adventures, dangerous...
Girl Meets World | AU by etheriastribe
Girl Meets World | AUby 彡 𝕣𝕚𝕒 彡
What if Riley had an older brother? Would relationships have been the same? Would the story have been different? Would've the ships remained the same ones? (This story...
Crazy Rich Millionaire  by 90slucaya
Crazy Rich Millionaire by @90slucaya
♛ London Alannah-Ray Ava Hart ♛ New York Millionaire Maya Hart meets a handsome Texan in the mall that her 2 year old daughter becomes very attached to.
I Care// Lucaya by rose798537928
I Care// Lucayaby Rose
Lucas gets into an accident and Maya stays by his side the entire time. Where is his girlfriend Riley? Why is Farkle still with Smackle when he loves Riley? Why does May...