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This was definitely not what Maya had been expecting when Riley invited her over to the bay window.

"What?" Maya lost control of her facial muscles, Riley's shocking words leaving her with a slackened jaw and an open mouth.

Riley wrung her hands together and watched as Maya visibly collected her thoughts, her face distorting with different emotions crossing it. She spoke again, brows furrowed, "Did I hear you correctly?"

"Yes." Riley answered briskly, cutting in before Maya could interrupt with another inquiry. "And I know it may sound rash to you, but trust me—I've given this very much thought."

"H - How long have you felt this way?" Maya stammered, still in genuine bewilderment.

"For quite some time now."

Maya slightly narrowed her eyes. Riley appeared way too happy for somebody who was planning on breaking up with their boyfriend—with Lucas especially. Riley was crazy about him, or at least she used to be.

"So, does this mean that you don't like him anymore?"

Riley's brows skipped up and she gave an airy laugh. "Oh, no. I still really like Lucas, nothing's changed."

Maya could usually decipher what was on Riley's mind, but right now it was hard to tell.

"Lucas is the perfect guy." Riley continued, her brown eyes sparkling with fondness. "I'm just not sure our relationship is going anywhere right now. When we're together, it always feels like he's not there. I don't know how to explain it exactly."

"And breaking up is going to solve this?" Maya questioned, trying to make sense of the situation.

"Well, yeah. It's not going to be a permanent break," Riley shook her head with a light smile. "He's still the one I want to be with, in the future."

Maya nodded, pursing her lips.

"Just think of it this way. People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? I'm putting some space between me and Lucas, so we can come back stronger."

"I just don't think that's–"

"Maya... I'm doing this, okay? I love you and I appreciate how much you care, but nothing you can say will stop me. I really do believe that this is going to benefit my relationship, not hurt it." Riley slid an arm around the blonde, pulling her tightly to her.

"Alright," Maya placed her head on Riley's shoulder. "I just feel bad for Huckleberry, that's all."

Riley chuckled. "I'm sure he'll be fine."




"Speed!" Maya's hand shot to the pile of cards. Lucas groaned lowly as she beamed triumphantly at him. Maya cackled, "You suck at this."

"We should probably get back to our homework." Lucas began gathering the cards, filing them.

"You just don't want to lose again." Maya leaned against the foot of his bed, arms folded and smirk intact.

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