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"Have you guys seen Maya?" Riley strolled up to her two guy friends during their break, a textbook tucked under her arm.

Zay shook his head. He had pieces of granola stuck at the corners of his mouth from his snack.

"I believe she just had her gym block," said Farkle.

"How about Lucas? Have you seen him?" Riley asked, her tone laced with eagerness.

"He just got off Chem..." Zay squinted at her suspiciously. "Why?"

"Nothing." Riley chuckled nervously with a shake of her head. "It's nothing."

"Wait. Do you know?" Zay spoke softly, leaning closer as if telling her a secret.

"Know what?" Farkle chimed in.

"Maya went over to Lucas' last night–" Zay clammed up. He snapped his head towards Riley, his eyes wide. "Shit. Did you know?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Oh good." Zay leaned against the lockers, the relief painting his face.

"Wait, so what happened?" Farkle questioned.

"Lucas told me that they had dinner." Zay lowered his voice again.

"Like as in a date?"

"No, no. He said they smoothed things out and decided to just stay friends."

"Huh," Farkle crossed his arms, a crease forming in between his brows.

"I think it's a load of bullshit." Zay shrugged. He bit off a piece of his granola bar, chewing and talking. "I bet they are secretly hooking up."

Farkle shot a pointed look at Zay then glanced at Riley with a reassuring grin. "I don't think they are."

Realization dawned on Zay and he smiled at Riley the same way. "Yeah, probably not. I was just kidding."

"Guys, it's fine." Riley laughed. "If they are, then I am happy for them." The two stared at her with the same sympathetic expressions, remaining unconvinced with her statement. "I'm serious. I was the one who encouraged Maya to go for it."

"So... you've moved on?" Farkle looked at her intently.

"In terms of the breakup? Yes." Riley nodded with a close-lipped smile. "As for... everything else, I'm still working on it."

Maya leisurely approached the three friends, her ponytail swaying as she tilted her head back. "I'm fucking starving. You finished with that?" She pointed at Zay's granola bar and before he could respond, she snatched it out of his hand and stuffed the rest of the snack into her mouth.

Zay narrowed his eyes at her. "You're buying me chips next time."

Riley visibly brightened at her best friend's arrival, possibly just for show. "Peaches. Where's Lucas?"

"Huh?" Maya quirked a brow, balling up the wrapper and aiming it at the nearest trash can. She didn't look to see if it made its way in. "I don't know."

Meanwhile, the two guys quietly exchanged looks. Zay mouthed, "bullshit."

"The bell's about to ring, wanna walk to class together?" Maya asked Riley, a bit of a hopeful look in her stormy blue eyes.


"Bye, guys." The blonde and brunette waved at their friends and linked arms, heading down the hallway.

"You think they're okay?" Zay watched the departing figures in concern. They looked like how they always did whenever they were with each other. Gleeful and chatty.

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