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So far, the date was going extremely well.

Sure, they both realized that they were much too chatty for the cinema (their seat neighbor constantly reminding them of that), and the film was just one cliché after another—but hey, at least Maya wasn't throwing any smoothies over his head this time.

Lucas didn't want to ruin that. That being this fun and relaxed dynamic they were currently in. But in spite of that, he knew they would have to have a serious discussion about what they meant to each other soon because deep down, keeping it casual was killing him.

It wasn't easy before, but it was nothing compared to their situation now. Lucas had no clue of what lines he could and couldn't cross, so he'd handed the reins over to Maya and let her be the one to initiate everything.

Except he didn't want to do that anymore. Now that Lucas knew what it was like to kiss her, or hold her hand for no particular reason at all; he didn't want to go back from that. Lucas didn't want to remember what it was like before he got to do those things with Maya Hart.

He wanted to be her boyfriend, and he had wanted to be for a very long time.




Wind ruffled their hair as Lucas and Maya pushed past the double doors. It was past eight and the sky had gotten very dark.

"That was–" The harsh winter air caused Maya to shiver, prompting her to zip up her coat. "Honestly, a waste of eleven dollars. And that lady wouldn't stop shushing us!"

Maya's indignant huff earned a chuckle from Lucas. "What do you expect? It's a movie theatre."

"What's the point of watching a movie if you can't make fun of the characters and their poor decisions?" Scoffed Maya as she shuffled closer to Lucas for warmth.

He shoved his hands into his pockets, his shoulders pushed up to his ears. "Well you could always do that in your head."

Maya raised a brow. "What, you don't like my commentary?"

"I - I didn't say that. I love your commentary." Lucas assured her, reaching out to rub the outside of her arms.

"Good," Maya collapsed against his chest. She closed her eyes and released a sigh of contentment as his warmth enveloped her.

Lucas nudged her gently. "Let's go. We're in the middle of the sidewalk."

"I don't wanna," Maya whined, her voice muffled by his chest. "It's too cold."

"We'll warm up once we keep moving." Lucas mumbled into her hair, absentmindedly weaving his fingers through the strands and massaging her scalp.

"But I'm warm right now."

"But if we go now, you'll be warm and you'll have tacos."

Maya jolted up from her slouched position. "Tacos?!"

Grinning blithely, Lucas removed his hand from her hair and entwined their fingers together. She trembled momentarily at the loss of heat, but soon enough they were sitting in a warm booth at her favourite taqueria.

"Best date ever," Maya grinned around a mouthful of food. She continued munching on the hard shell, picking up the falling contents from the taco and dumping them into her mouth.

"Yeah? I thought Topanga's was." Lucas watched her amusedly, his lips curving around the straw as he sipped his soda.

Maya paused contemplatively. "Oh, that's right. Well this comes in a close second."

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